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Sanjole, Inc.

Sanjole is a leader in LTE and WiMAX testing, with expertise in innovative wireless technology. The company provides problem-solving capabilities from “inside” the wireless network using over-the-air analysis tools that provide visibility into events spanning multiple protocol layers.

Sanjole has been involved from the very beginning with WiMAX as a test vendor in the first PlugFests for both fixed and wireless devices. The company’s work with the WiMAX Forum and 3GPP, combined with extensive experience in interoperability trials, has given it insight into the complex technical issues specific to the LTE and WiMAX communities.

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  • An add-on to the WaveJudge 5000, Sanjole’s CipherJudge enables
    • Real-time SIM key retrieval and parsing of ciphered traffic
    • Identify and track UE’s within commercial LTE networks
    • Test UE’s from lab to field environment
    • Capture/decode/trigger off ciphered control messages such as handovers


    • Verify changes in power, frequency and timing as a mobile station enters the network by visually tracking requests and responses.
    • Analyze UL allocations to detect errors and identify resulting bursts sent in incorrect frame locations.
    • Examine the behavior of the BS and MS during MIMO handovers.
    • Track complete protocol exchange of multiple MSs with BS.
    • Reveal timing offset violations by viewing the position of MS messages relative to the allocation start time assigned by the BS.
    • Identify subchannels and sub carriers used for each slot within a protocol message to determine proper zone permutation assignments.
    • Visually locate BS scheduling errors through advanced logical views of DL/UL assignments.


  • LTE Advanced brings increased network efficiency and higher throughput, but Carrier Aggregation is the key to meeting global expectations for mobile broadband performance. It does so by allowing service providers to consolidate multiple component carriers and use the bandwidth as a single medium between the user equipment (UE) and an evolved NodeB (eNB). LTE CA gives carriers with fragmented spectrum the flexibility to offer 4G performance to subscribers.


  • It has the ability to test in the middle, not at the ends, means you do not have to modify the system to fit the test tool. Not only does this improve ease of testing, it avoids disruption to the system that can change or influence the very behavior you are trying to troubleshoot. You get more reliable results and fewer troubleshooting dead ends.


  • SynthJudge (OCXO Module) / Dual-frequency, from 380 MHz to 6 GHz, is particularly useful when developing systems for multiple markets. Leverage your testing investment to cover multiple spectrum bands.


  • The IntelliJudge takes this unique capability to the next level by taking it to the next layer – real-time analysis and storage of PHY and protocol interactions along with real-time triggering on lower and upper layer events, errors, messages, and message content. The result is the powerful ability to isolate problem areas regardless of the layer in which they occur.


  • RXJudge modules feature superior sensitivity and dynamic range enabling you to test in the lab and in the field. Each module features four independent, configurable 40 MHz receivers.


  • The WaveJudge 5000’s modular system provides a selection of modules (cards) that can be installed in or removed from chassis slots as your application requires. This modularity give you the ultimate flexibility in customizing a test solution targeted to your specific situation.


  • Sanjole’s WaveJudge 5000 provides more information than any other tool about all aspects of wireless communications particularly upper layers through PHY activity.

    • Understand the interactions between the mobile station or user equipment and the base station at all layers
    • Identify complex issues that cause interoperability problems
    • Improve the performance of the overall wireless connection
    • Verify base station behavior from an over-the-air interface, including complex antennae and modulation schemes
    • Evaluate the impact on performance of MIMO, beamforming and scheduling
    • Capture wireless conditions in the field for replay in the lab
    • Accurately identify anomalies that effect throughput and delay



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