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CT100HF Metallic TDR Cable Tester

CT100HF Metallic TDR Cable Tester

CT100HF, stainless-steel SMA test port

  • Higher-bandwidth version of the CT100S featuring the fastest TDR system risetime, ideal for testing high-frequency cables and interconnects with resolution and precision previously restricted to unwieldly bench-top TDR instruments.








Mohr CT100 vs. Tektronix® 1502C CT CT100S


Mohr CT100


Risetime, ps* (20-80%)

100 (CT100)
60 (CT100HF)


Pulse amplitude
(into 50Ω load)

300 mV

300 mV

Sequential sampling rate 2 – 250 kHz 12.5 kHz
Sampling resolution

16 bits

12 bits

TDR frame rate

500 fps 25 fps
Horizontal scale

0.003 – 200 ft/div
(0.001 – 50 m/div)

0.1 – 200 ft/div
(0.03 – 50 m/div)

Horizontal range

0 – 30,000 ft
(0 – 9 km)

0 – 2000 ft
(0 – 0.6 km)

Horizontal resolution 0.003 in (0.075 mm)

0.05 in (1.2 mm)

Vertical scale 0.5 – 500 mρ/div 0.5 – 500 mρ/div
Battery life > 6h > 5h
Battery recharge < 3h < 20 h
I/O options USB host/client
10/100 Ethernet
Thermal printer
optional RS-232, Ethernet
Data storage Thousands of traces Temporarily store single trace
Network integration 10/100 Mb Ethernet None
Display 4.3″ 480×272 backlit color TFT-LCD 4.7″ 256×130 backlit mono LCD
TDR trace display Unlimited 2 traces
TDR digital filtering smooth, subtract, derivatives, FFT smooth
Unit Weight 4.7 lb (2.2 kg) 23 lb (10 kg)

* Typical system risetimes as measured at the reflected rise.

Testable cable length may be limited by cable signal attenuation characteristics. Typical twisted-pair and coaxial cables are evaluable to at least 10,000 ft (3.0 km).

The CT100 can operate for an unlimited period with optional hot-swappable external rechargeable battery packs.


4.3(H) x 11.5(W) x 6.9(L) in.
(10.9 x 29.2 x 17.5 cm)


5.1 lbs. (2.3 kg), with cover
4.7 lbs. (2.2 kg), without cover


Operating Temperature: -10°C to +55°C (typ. -10°C to +60°C)
Non-operating Temperature: -20°C to +60°C


CE compliance logo

Complies with all applicable EU directives, as specified by the Declaration of Conformity supplied with the instrument.

Complies with Canadian ICES-003.

EMC: MIL-PRF-28800F. MIL-STD-461F RE102, CE102. IEC 61000
Shock/Vibration: MIL-PRF-28800F (Class 3)
Temperature/Humidity: MIL-PRF-28800F (Class 3)
Explosive Atm.: MIL-STD-810G 511.5 Procedure 1 (+55°C, 0-4600 m)

CT100 Series Metallic TDR Cable Testers

Next-gen Time-Domain Reflectometers replace the Tektronix® 1502C

The new CT100 and CT100HF are the industry’s highest-resolution portable metallic TDRs, designed for testing all coaxial and twisted-pair cables and interconnects used in modern microwave/RF and digital systems. These are the only portable CT100-mp-oblique-left_300x264instruments that exceed all TDR specifications of the Tektronix® 1502C Metallic TDR Cable Tester, while providing next-generation improvements in TDR analysis, data storage, connectivity, and ergonomics. CT100 Metallic

CT100 Series TDRs feature 8-10x sharper spatial resolution and100-1000x better Distance-to-Fault (DTF) resolution than competing TDR instruments, and have multi-GHz bandwidth similar to competing FDR (Frequency-Domain Reflectometer) instruments with similar or better cable fault sensitivity andorders-of-magnitude better DTF precision.

These instruments’ unique combination of fast system risetime,high-resolution timebase, and precision 16-bit impedance measurements allow you to identify and correct subtle changes in cable and connector performance before system failure. Some of the CT100 Series’ innovative features are described below. Also, please read CT100 Series Features for more information.CT100 Series Features_3


  • Test all common coaxial and twisted-pair cable types, and many other types of cable and wire.
  • Detect and precisely locate opens, shorts, kinks, taps, shield damage, thermal damage, sunlight/UV damage, water ingress, loosened or corroded interconnects, poor-quality cables and connectors, and anything else that affects system performance.
  • CATV, Power, Telephony
  • Naval / Marine
  • Aerospace / Aviation
  • Wireless Infrastructure
  • PCB Characterization
  • TDR Sensor Applications (Soil Moisture, Geophysics)
  • Remote monitoring applications

TDR Specifications

  • Step-rise, as low as 60 ps risetime (20-80%, CT100HF)
  • Test frequencies extend to > 8.3 GHz (CT100HF)
  • 500 Hz framerate to capture transient faults.
  • 75 µm (0.003 in) horizontal cursor resolution (VoP 0.66)
  • 16-bit sampling for precision impedance measurements

Key features — see CT100 Series Features

  • NEW! — Layer-Peeling dynamic deconvolution transform helps correct for impedance errors caused by multiple reflections.
  • NEW! — ZTrace nonlinear transform displays impedance waveform in Ohms.
  • NEW! — Intermittent Fault Detection displays probability density or min/max envelope with impedance-at-cursor.
  • NEW! — Enhanced Calibration provides the industry’s best impedance accuracy.
  • Now in beta status! — FFT Math Package for estimating frequency-specific return loss/VSWR, insertion loss, cable loss, S11/S22 S-parameters.
  • Live LAN/WAN/Internet streaming and remote controlof any CT100 Series TDR. Leverage real-time engineering oversight from thousands of miles away.
  • AutoFit button fits any cable to the screen automatically.
  • Two independent cursors simplify differential impedance, return loss, and distance-to-fault measurements.
  • Save thousands of TDR traces that you can later zoom in/out on, and compare or subtract from live or previously saved traces.
  • Configuration library makes repeat measurements as easy as a press of a button.
  • Download your TDR data to a PC and review it later with the included CT Viewer software.

Designed to be easy to use, as well as accurate

  • Bright 4.3″ color TFT-LCD display is easy to read in any environment.
  • Intuitive multifunction key panels simplify TDR use.
  • Lightweight and portable, operates for a full shift without recharging; use is unlimited with external battery packs.
  • Integrated 10/100 Ethernet connectivity.
  • USB peripherals include mouse, keyboard, flash drive, barcode reader.

General TDR Options

  • CT100, self-grounding BNC test port
    • Electrically-rugged, multipurpose metallic TDR designed for high-resolution testing of a wide range of coaxial and twisted-pair cable types and lengths — in the field, on the manufacturing floor, or in the lab. Exceeds all Tektronix® 1502C TDR specifications.
  • CT100S, stainless-steel SMA test port
    • CT100 TDR configured with SMA test port assembly. Represents a balance of performance and electrical overstress protection for field applications where SMA test port is desired.
  • CT100HF, stainless-steel SMA test port
    • Higher-bandwidth version of the CT100S featuring the fastest TDR system risetime, ideal for testing high-frequency cables and interconnects with resolution and precision previously restricted to unwieldly bench-top TDR instruments.

Standard Accessories (included with instrument)

  • CT Viewer TDR Waveform Analysis Software Package
  • CT100/CT100HF Operator’s Manual
  • CT Viewer User Guide
  • Rugged Soft-Sided Carrying Case
    • Plenty of room for calibration accessories, manuals, and optional small form-factor keyboard.
  • Calibration Pack
    • Precision coaxial test cable and BNC/SMA adapters necessary for verifying TDR instrument calibration and performance.
  • NIST-Traceable Calibration Certificate
  • Standard 12-Month Limited Warranty

Optional Accessories

  • Small Form-Factor Keyboard
    • This popular, recommended accessory simplifies data entry and fits in the instrument’s carrying case.
  • Hard Carrying Case
    • Give your instrument the utmost environmental protection with this customized Pelican™ case. Replaces the standard soft-sided carrying case.
  • BNC RF Adapter Kit
    • Precision BNC RF adapters offer direct high-bandwidth coupling for testing most coaxial cables and interconnects: BNC-BNC, N-N, SMA-SMA, BNC-N, SMA-BNC, SMA-N, and SMA-TNC. Comes in a rugged plastic case. Ideal for use with the CT100.
  • SMA RF Adapter Kit
    • Precision SMA RF adapters offer direct high-bandwidth coupling for testing most coaxial cables and interconnects: SMA-SMA, SMA-BNC, SMA-N, and SMA-TNC. Comes in a rugged plastic case. Ideal for use with the CT100HF.
  • Impedance Matching Adapter Kit
    • Not necessary for routine testing of non-50 Ω coaxial cable, but useful for specialized applications requiring precision impedance matching to the cable / device-under-test (DUT).
    • Adapter 50 Ω to 75 Ω CT100-AC-I5075
    • Adapter 50 Ω to 93 Ω CT100-AC-I5093
    • Adapter 50 Ω to 125 Ω CT100-AC-I50125
  • External Battery Pack (2700 mAh)
    • Coming soon. Indefinitely extend the battery life of your instrument with hot-swappable NiMH battery packs. Rugged clamshell construction securely fastens to the top of the instrument.


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