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  • compact desktop tool
  • 150 mm x 100 mm measuring range (lateral)
  • high measuring speed, max. 200 mm/s
  • manual and automated measurement and evaluation
  • individually configurable
  • TTV option for double-sided measurement



Introducing the FRT GmbH MICROPROF® 100

The MicroProf® 100 is the universal surface metrology tool for quick and easy determination of topography, film thickness and sample thickness. As a compact tabletop unit and thus the smallest member of the MicroProf® multi-sensor family, the MicroProf® 100 also offers the full flexibility of its bigger brothers. It is based on proven FRT multi-sensor technology, in which different optical measurement methods – which can otherwise only be found in individual solutions – are merged into a universal and space-saving device.

In addition, the MicroProf® 100 can be equipped with the TTV option for doublesided sample inspection. This allows you to measure the top and bottom of the sample simultaneously and also determine the sample thickness during the same measurement process. Due to its modular design, this metrology tool can be tailored to your specific application. In addition to the various sensors with which the device can be equipped, the software can also be individually configured and measurement tasks can be performed either manually or automatically.


FRT GmbH MICROPROF<sup>®</sup> 100

FRT GmbH MICROPROF<sup>®</sup> 100

Key Features

Manual Tools: MicroProf® 100, MicroProf® 200 und MicroProf® 300

High-precision optical surface metrology tools for the characterization of various (functional / technical) surfaces – fast, efficient, non-destructive.

Maximum flexibility is provided by FRT’s multi-sensor technology, which combines different measuring methods and sensors in one universally applicable tool of the MicroProf series – available as tabletop or stand-alone model depending on application and sample size – space-saving and upgradeable to your changing measurement requirements.


  • tabletop unit with housing in modern industrial design
  • based on the established FRT multi-sensor technology
  • TTV option for double-sided sample inspection possible
  • integrated CCD camera with add-on illumination
  • motorized sensor approach with high-precision axis
  • simple and efficient control with FRT Acquire Software
  • user-friendly FRT Mark III evaluation software with numerous evaluation and display options according to DIN-EN-ISO and SEMI standards
  • fully automated 2D, 3D and film thickness measurements through FRT´s Acquire Automation XT metrology software


Key Benefits

  • attractive price-performance ratio
  • surface measuring instrument for the highest demands in industry and research
  • one measuring system for multiple tasks and applications
  • 3D measurements of topography, film thickness and sample thickness with micro- and (sub)-nanometer resolution
  • wide range of sensors (point and field of view sensors)
  • professional quality assurance based on precise optical metrology
  • high performance and economical measuring tool
  • application-specific consulting and service from skilled FRT experts



FRT GmbH MICROPROF<sup>®</sup> 100

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assembly gantry design
sensor multi-sensor
Scanning Stage
travel 150 mm x 100 mm
drive type direct drive
bearing type crossed roller bearing
encoder resolution 50 nm
flatness ~ 1 µm / 100 mm
max. speed 200 mm / s
load capacity 5 kg
z-axis motorized axis
z-cxis travel 50 mm (100 mm optional)
System Requirements
environmental requirements clean, vibration free, stable temperature
input voltage 110 V / 220 V AC, 1 Phase
footprint (L x W x H) 550 mm x 400 mm x 690 mm
weight approx. 100 kg
Measuring Characteristics CWL 600 µm *
measuring range xy 150 mm x 100 mm
measuring range z 600 µm
resolution (lateral) 2 µm
resolution (vertical) 6 nm

* sensor CWL 600 µm taken as an example, other sensors are available



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