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Highlights MicroProf® 200

  • stand-alone tool
  • 200 mm x 250 mm measuring range (lateral)
  • high throughput, max. measuring speed 300 mm/sec
  • the standard – several hundred systems installed worldwide
  • fully automated and integrated manufacturing device (optional)
  • individually configurable



Introducing the FRT GmbH MICROPROF® 200

The MicroProf® 200 is the high-performance measuring device for the non-contact and non-destructive characterization of almost all surfaces and films, and has already been employed successfully by many companies. This surface measuring instrument is based on FRT´s established multi-sensor technology and is capable of performing numerous measuring tasks within just one system. A high-resolution CWL sensor allows for easy and reliable measuring of, e.g. topography, roughnessand contour. With a wide range of additional sensors it is also possible to adapt theMicroProf® 200 optimally and individually to your measuring task. Using the TTV module for inspection from both sides or using the module for automatic sample handling (MHU), the MicroProf® 200 can also be adapted easily to the customer’s new measurement requirements at any time. Simultaneously, the highest automation requirements get fulfilled.



FRT GmbH MICROPROF<sup>®</sup> 200

FRT GmbH MICROPROF<sup>®</sup> 200

Key Features

Manual Tools: MicroProf® 100, MicroProf® 200 und MicroProf® 300High-precision optical surface metrology tools for the characterization of various surfaces – fast, efficient, non-destructive.Maximum flexibility is provided by FRT’s multi-sensor technology, which combines different measuring methods and sensors in one universally applicable tool of the MicroProf series – available as tabletop or stand-alone model depending on application and sample size – space-saving and upgradeable to your changing measurement requirements.


  • full multi-sensor capability
  • housing in modern industrial design
  • integrated CCD camera with add-on illumination
  • control and measurement computer with TFT monitor
  • fast xy precision table with high motion and positioning accuracy
  • stable granite construction with excellent damping properties
  • simple and efficient control with FRT Acquire software
  • fully automated 2D and 3D measurements through FRT´s Acquire Automation XT metrology software
  • user-friendly FRT Mark III evaluation software with numerous evaluation and display options according to DIN-ISO and SEMI standards


Key Benefits

  • established measuring device from the technological leader in surface metrology
  • surface measuring instrument for the highest demands in industry and research
  • one measuring system for multiple tasks and applications
  • professional quality assurance based on precise optical metrology
  • can be used flexibly, is future-proof and can be expanded at any time
  • durable, minimal servicing and low maintenance
  • application specific consulting and service from skilled FRT experts


FRT GmbH MICROPROF<sup>®</sup> 200

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assembly gantry design
sensor multi-sensor
Scanning Stage
travel 250 mm x 200 mm
drive type direct drive
bearing type crossed roller bearing
encoder resolution 50 nm
flatness < 2 µm / 100 mm
max. speed 300 mm / s
load capacity 5 kg
z-axis motorized axis
z-cxis travel 50 mm (100 mm optional)
System Requirements
environmental requirements clean, vibration free, stable temperature
input voltage 110 V / 220 V AC, 1 Phase
footprint (L x W x H) 1100 mm x 820 mm x 1800 mm
weight approx. 500 kg
Measuring Characteristics CWL 600 µm *
measuring range xy 250 mm x 200 mm
measuring range z 600 µm
resolution (lateral) 2 µm
resolution (vertical) 6 nm

* sensor CWL 600 µm taken as an example, other sensors are available



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