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  • stand-alone tool
  • 415 mm x 305 mm measuring range (lateral)
  • high throughput, max. measuring speed 300 mm/sec
  • fully automated and integrated production tool (optional)
  • individually configurable
  • TTV option for double-sided measurement



Introducing the FRT GmbH MICROPROF® 300

The MicroProf® 300 is part of the high-performance and versatile MicroProf® generation and is particularly used in quality assurance, development and manufacturing. The smallest deviations from the ideal surface shape must be determined contact-free without destroying the sample as the surface must be precise down to the sub-μm range. Besides roughness of the sample surface, shape is one of the most important parameters. Narrow tolerances must be precisely determined. The MicroProf® 300 is perfect for these requirements and can also be integrated into production in a fully automated way. An extensive range of sensors and the option
of conducting double-sided sample inspections (TTV) make it possible to optimally and individually adapt the MicroProf® 300 to suit your measuring task at any time. Furthermore, the simple automation of  measurements boosts productivity and process reliability.


FRT GmbH MICROPROF<sup>®</sup> 300

FRT GmbH MICROPROF<sup>®</sup> 300

Key Features


„ full multi-sensor capability
„ integrated CCD camera with add-on illumination
„ motorized sensor approach with high-precision axis
„ vertical stitching function to expand the height measuring range
„ control and measurement computer with TFT monitor
„ simple and efficient control with FRT Acquire software

Key Benefits

„ attractive price-performance ratio
„ 3D measurements with micro- and (sub)-nanometer resolution
„ professional quality assurance based on precise optical metrology
„ high performance and economical measuring tool
„ durable, minimal servicing and low maintenance
„ fast availability and simple operation
„ application-specific consulting from skilled FRT experts
„ qualified and worldwide operating service network


FRT GmbH MICROPROF<sup>®</sup> 300

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assembly gantry design
sensor multi-sensor
Scanning Stage
travel 415 mm x 305 mm
drive type direct drive
bearing type crossed roller bearing
encoder resolution 50 nm
flatness < 2 µm / 100 mm
max. speed 300 mm / s
load capacity 5 kg
z-axis motorized axis
z-cxis travel 50 mm (100 mm optional)
System Requirements
environmental requirements clean, vibration free, stable temperature
input voltage 110 V / 220 V AC, 1 Phase
footprint (L x W x H) 1500 mm x 1010 mm x 1850 mm
weight approx. 900 kg
Measuring Characteristics CWL 600 µm *
measuring range xy 415 mm x 305 mm
measuring range z 600 µm
resolution (lateral) 2 µm
resolution (vertical) 6 nm

* sensor CWL 600 µm taken as an example, other sensors are available



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