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Highlights MicroProf® MHU

  • material handling unit with twin-arm robot
  • high throughput, up to 220 w/h
  • loading station for open cassettes
  • OCR reader / Pre-aligner
  • sorting function for the separation of good and bad samples
  • optional SECS/GEM interface



Introducing the FRT GmbH MICROPROF® MHU

The MicroProf® MHU, metrology tool with Material Handling Unit is specially designed for semiconductor, MEMS, sapphire and LED industries. Typical applications are measurement of bare and coated wafers, or structured wafers at various lithographic process steps. Due to a robot arm with two vacuum end effectors, the tool has very high throughput rates up to 220 wafers per hour. It is capable of processing wafer sizes from 2 to 12 inches. Up to 4 open cassettes can be processed and additionally there is the option to integrate a pre-aligner and an OCR reader. The option for two-sided sample measurement allows the simultaneous measurement of the top and bottom surface with determination of the sample thickness, total thickness variation (TTV) and various surface parameters such as roughness, waviness and flatness of both sides. A complete wafer shape measurement is also possible with analysis of the global and local wafer parameters.

A wafer sorting function is available, which is adjustable according to customer requirements. Based on the multi-sensor concept, additional sensors can be retrofitted at a later date. A further domain of the MicroProf® MHU is the layer thickness determination of thin films, as well as layer stacks, measurement of step heights, bumps, vias (TSVs), trenches, etc. Due to its fully SEMI-compliant design, almost maintenance-free hardware components and its high throughput, the MicroProf® MHU is the perfect solution for use
in production.



FRT GmbH MICROPROF<sup>®</sup> MHU

FRT GmbH MICROPROF<sup>®</sup> MHU

Key Features

Metrology tool MicroProf® MHU mit Material Handling UnitThe MicroProf® MHU is a metrology tool with material handling unit, which was developed especially for the semiconductor, MEMS, sapphire and LED industry. Typical applications are the measurement of bare and coated wafers or structured wafers in various lithographic process steps.Due to a robotic arm with two vacuum end effectors, the device has a very high throughput of up to 220 wafers per hour. It is able to process wafer sizes from 2 to 8 inches. Up to 4 open cassettes can be processed and it is possible to integrate a pre-aligner and an OCR reader in the device.


  • High throughput, up to 220 w/h
  • Very high accuracy and reproducibility
  • Fast 3D measurements, profiles and points
  • Down to (sub)-nanometer resolution
  • Full integration in the production workflow
  • User can easily create new recipes according to his requirements
  • Compliant to DIN/ISO and SEMI standards
  • Optical, non-contact and non-destructive
  • Durable, minimal servicing and low maintenance


Key Benefits

  • established measuring device from the technological leader in surface metrology
  • surface measuring instrument for the highest demands in industry and research
  • one measuring system for multiple tasks and applications
  • professional quality assurance based on precise optical metrology
  • can be used flexibly, is future-proof and can be expanded at any time
  • durable, minimal servicing and low maintenance
  • application specific consulting and service from skilled FRT experts


FRT GmbH MICROPROF<sup>®</sup> MHU

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assembly gantry design
sensor multi-sensor
clean room class optional filter fan units, ISO class 4
throughput 200 w/h (6“, full wafer inspection 4 profiles SEMI MF657)
wafer sizes 2“ to 12“
uptime > 99%; MTBFp, > 800h
wafer materials silicon, sapphire, compound semiconductors, glass, quartz etc.
Scanning Stage
travel up to 440 mm x 305 mm
drive type direct drive
bearing type crossed roller bearing
encoder resolution 50 nm
flatness < 2 µm / 100 mm
max. speed 300 mm / s
load capacity 5 kg
z-axis motorized axis
z-cxis travel 50 mm (100 mm optional)
System Requirements
environmental requirements clean, vibration free, stable temperature
power supply 110 / 230 V AC, 50-60 Hz, 1 Phase
vacuum ~65 kPa, 5 m³/h
CDA 6 bar
footprint (L x W x H) 1642 x 1267 x 1900 mm1 / 1680 x 1500 x 1900 mm2
weight ~800 kg1 / ~1200 kg2

MicroProf® 200 MHU with filter fan units additional specifications on request
2 MicroProf® 300 MHU with filter fan units



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