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Magnavolt FKA Series

Magnavolt FKA Series

The power supply construction of the series FKA is characterized by its flexibility and the modular design.

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The power supply construction of the series FKA is characterized by its flexibility and the modular design. They can be operated continuously at maximum output, are designed to withstand tough conditions in an demanding environment and are not sensitive to interference. They are serviced from the front, therefore saving space. Installation is simple and if more power is required in future, additional modules can be added very easily on site at any time.

These power supplies operate with variable independent current and voltage settings. The set values can be changed during operation, ramping up to independently set limits.

They can be controlled manually on the front panel or remotely via analog or computer interfaces, have a low ripple (<1% of set output value), an efficiency of 90% (typical) and a power factor of 0.93 at any load. Operation and control are easy and standardized throughout the whole range.

Power Supply Protection
– Over-current relay (short circuit protection)
– Over-voltage, Short circuit, Over-temperature and Internal fault protection
– Phase monitoring
– Current, voltage, status and fault indication
– Module failure

Design Features
Should a fault occur, these power supplies are designed to minimize down-time. The modular design allows you to take out the faulty unit and replace it with a spare one, or remove the module and continue to run the power supply at reduced power until the faulty module is returned from service.

However, the quickest way to restore full capacity is by replacing the module in question. One spare module can be used for all standard output voltages (0-12V, 0-15V, 0-24V, 0-30V) and current. For example, one 0-12V spare module can be used for power supplies with outputs of 0-15V, 0-24V, 0-30V and any output current.

The power module halves can be connected in series for twice the rated output voltage and half the rated output current or in parallel for max. rated output voltage and max. output current.
Two or more power supplies can be connected in series for a max. output voltage of 60VDC or in parallel for a max. output current of 24000A

Operating Modes  
The power supply can be connected & operated as follows: 

        Parallel: Power module sub-modules are connected in parallel supplying the rated output voltage and current
        Series:    Power module sub-modules are connected in series supplying twice the rated output voltage and 1/2 the rated output current
        Dual: Power module sub-modules are independent, supplying 2 x the rated output voltage and 2 x 1/2 the current. Both sides are switched on and off at the same time. However, set values for current and voltage can be set different for each side

Front panel controls, indicators and displays 
User-friendly control. Voltage and current limits can be set independently of each other at any time 

ON: Starts the power supply
OFF: Switches only the DC outputs off – not the AC input. With the optional built-in breaker, the AC input will also be switched off.
Current ↑: Increases the current
Current ↓: Decreases the current
Voltage ↑: Increases the voltage
Voltage : Decreases the voltage
Menu keys A–D: Menu selections
OK!: Confirming a change
ESC: To undo a change or exit a menu    

ON: Green LED; Indicates power supply is switched on.
ALARM: Red LED; Indicates the end of a process or power supply fault.
REMOTE: Yellow LED; Indicates the power supply is in remote control mode    

Audio signals
The panel is equipped with a buzzer that sounds to confirm keypad use, end of process (EOP) and a power supply fault. The buzzer sound indication can be turned off in the menu. 

Standard built-in remote control 
Profibus DP/RS-485

Control parameters:
Input to unit:            Output from unit:
Set current               Actual current            
Set voltage              Actual voltage
On / Off            
Start / Stop              On signal        
Stand-by / Run         Run signal
Amp hours               Actual Amp hours        
Run time                 Actual run time        
Clear counters         End of process


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