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Magnavolt SM3300 Series

Magnavolt SM3300 Series

3300 Watt, Option power sink- 2 quadrant operation, Option high speed programming

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3300 Watt, Option power sink- 2 quadrant operation, Option high speed programming


Models Voltage  Current
SM 18-220                  0 – 18V 0 – 220A
SM 66-AR-110 (Autoranging) 0 – 33V 0 – 110A and
0 – 66V 0 – 55A
SM 100-AR-75 (Autoranging) 0 – 50V 0 – 75A and
0 – 100V 0 – 37.5A
SM 330-AR-22 (Autoranging) 0 – 165V 0 – 22A and
0 – 330V 0 – 11A
SM 66-AR-110 (Autoranging) 0 – 330V 0 – 11A and
0 – 660V 0 – 5.5A



  • Increased Output Power

The conservatively rated unit allows to deliver extra output power with the same reliability. Either the maximum output voltage or output current can be increased by about 10%.

  • Two-Quadrant Operation (Power Sink)

Two quadrant operation maintains the output voltage constant regardless the output power is positive or negative. Ideal for PWM-speed controlled DC-motors and ATE-systems.

The Power Sink Option permits the power supply to absorb bursts of power fed back to the unit. An internal module senses the status of power supply and sinks current across the output terminals, thus maintaining a constant output voltage.

   – The Power Sink Option allows a faster response when the power supply is step programmed to a lower voltage at            small load conditions.

   – Maintains output voltage setting regardless output power is positive or negative (source and sink)

   – Ideal for ATE systems requiring fast down programming at no load conditions

All Power Sinks have electronically limited peak power and maximum current. The module shuts down in case of thermal overload (the unit itself continues to operate). The overload condition is indicated with a LED on the front panel and with a status output.

Normally the output circuit of a power supply is not designed to absorb current returned by the load. The only path left for the negative load current is into the output capacitor that it can charge and the voltage will rise without any control from the power supply. To solve this problem a Power Sink is added and integrated in the voltage control of the power supply in order to keep the output voltage is kept to the desired voltage, whether the operation mode is sink or source. The system reacts fast dynamically.

  • High Speed Programming

Programming speed 5-20 times faster than any standard power supply (typ. 0.4 ms). Min. overload change through lower output capacity. Designed for high speed application, laser diodes and precision power sources


Laser diode power supply, continuous or pulsed

Constant current source for test systems requiring a fast setting time

Constant current source for plasma, load sensitive current overshoots etc.

Loads with fast voltage variations

  • Sequencer

Arbitrary Waveform generator or stand alone automation, integrated in the Ethernet controller.

  • Software Control and Interfaces

Factory installed programming interfaces:

  • Ethernet (incl. sequencer)
  • RS232
  • IEEE448
  • ISO AMP – isolated analog programming

Field installable programming interface modules:

  • Ethernet module
  • RS232 module
  • IEEE448 module
  • ISO AMP isolated analog programming module



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