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Magnavolt TC. GSS Series

Magnavolt TC. GSS Series

Programmable Grid-tie Source − Sink Bidirectional High-Power DC Supply
No additional wiring is required on the AC input or DC output side of the power supply
Power / Energy is fed back to the AC supply system (grid) instead of being converted into wasted heat

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Programmable Grid-tie Source − Sink Bidirectional High-Power DC Supply

No additional wiring is required on the AC input or DC output side of the power supply

Power / Energy is fed back to the AC supply system (grid) instead of being converted into wasted heat

Magnavolt’s bidirectional source & sink DC power supplies (Energy Recovery System) are used for balancing energy within a system or the direct feedback of excess capacity / energy into the utility grid (AC line).

Up to 19% electricity / energy savings can be achieved when feeding back energy to the grid (American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy)

Industries suffer substantial losses when power supply from the power grid experiences an interruption. Conventional uninterruptible power supply system (UPS) are used to maintain the power supply to power dependent systems in such an event.

However, conventional UPS are expensive and require high operating and maintenance costs. For example, coupling a load and a motor to a bidirectional source & sink DC power supply allows power to be drawn from this bidirectional DC power supply.

Magnavolt’s bidirectional source & sink power sources TC.GSS include a modern grid-tie inverter technology in order to handle both current flows from and towards the load.



The active grid-tied interface block eliminates the well-known problems created by passive 6-pulse rectifiers. All relevant IEC – regulations are met. The medium frequency transformer ensures a complete isolation of the DC bus versus the grid potential.

For example, regenerative power from a motor maintains the level of power at the bidirectional source & sink DC power source in the event that AC supply from the power grid is interrupted. This further enables the power supplied from the bidirectional DC power source to the load to be maintained at a NORMAL and CONSTANT voltage level even during the AC supply interruption at the power grid.

Motors become generators when forced to turn while no or reduced power is applied. This phenomenon brings interesting benefits in terms of energy efficiency but it also introduces challenges in system design. Understanding the physics and implications of regeneration is critical in many applications.

In addition to motor / generator movements adjusted to the process variables, electric drives also frequently feature regenerative load cycles, which are typically "burnt" and wasted as usable energy.

Standard Types



Output voltage

Output power

Output current


0 … +/-65VDC


+/- 0-385A



+/- 0-600A



+/- 0-770A



+/- 0-1200A



+/- 0-1800A



+/- 0-2400A


0 … +/-400VDC


+/- 0-63A



+/- 0-100A



+/- 0-126A



+/- 0-200A



+/- 0-300A



+/- 0-400A


0 … +/-500VDC

+/- 20kW

+/- 0-50A


+/- 32kW

+/- 0-80A



+/- 0-100A



+/- 0-160A



+/- 0-240A



+/- 0-320A


0 … +/-600VDC

+/- 20kW

+/- 0-40A


+/- 32kW

+/- 0-66A


+/- 40kW

+/- 0-80A


+/- 64kW

+/- 0-132A


+/- 96kW

+/- 0-198A



+/- 0-264A


– Soft start circuit: Without a soft start circuit, AC breakers with double the input current are required due to high inrush currents
– Safety Relay: Provides an interface for external emergency stop, switch off of external safety systems, monitoring of read back contacts, external reset and status indication.
– Battery simulation software                                                       
– Battery testing, management & control software                        
– Solar array simulation software
– Integrated Function Generator
– Protection against accidental contact of DC output bars                                                        
– Integrated safety relay providing shut down safety
– RS232 on rear panel     
– GPIB / IEEE488.2 / SCPI, interface (cannot be combined with CANOPEN or with USB)
– USB                                                                                                                                     
– RS422, not simultaneously usable with RS232                                                                               
– ETHERNET                                                                                                                           
– Ruggedized Option, Shock &Vibration protected                                                                                
– Humidity, dew, salt water & corrosion protection
– DC-Disconnector, load disconnection DC+ and DC-                                           
– Internal Resistance Range Extension (max. 12Ω)


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