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MVG EME Guard XS Radar

MVG EME Guard XS Radar

  • Accurate measurement with tri-axis sensors
  • Instant audio and visual alarm
  • Robust, reliable and user-friendly
  • Continuous monitoring of Electromagnetic Field levels with isotropic tri-axis E-field sensors
  • EMF Level indicated by a LED color scal
  • Audio and visual alarms triggered when EMF exceeds the reference leve


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MVG EME Guard XS Radar RF Safety tool

mvg rf safety

EME Guard XS Radar

80.0-30 000.0 MHz

Specifically designed to alert workers operating near radar transmitters, the EME Guard XS Radar is an EMF measuring device. It continuously scans for short pulsed signals, and via its built-in alarm and visual system, alerts users whenever the acceptable limits have been exceeded. This RF Safety tool is extremely easy to use and creates a safer working environment close to radar antennas.

  • User profile
    • Persons working near radar transmitters or antennas including installation and maintenance workers, broadcast, PMR and mobile phone operators or regulatory body employees
    • Military and aviation personnel
  • Measurement capabilities
    • Continuous monitoring of Electromagnetic Field levels with isotropic tri-axis E-field sensors
    • EMF Level indicated by a LED color scale
    • Audio and visual alarms triggered when EMF exceeds the reference level
    • Short pulsed signal detection
  • Frequency bands
    •  80 MHz – 30 GHz
  • Safety recommendations
    • ICNIRP
    • FCC 96-326
    • Safety Code 6
    • 2013/35/UE New EU Directive
    • Alarm threshold can be adjusted at MVG factory upon request
  • Equipment
    • EME Guard XS Radar
    • MVG Case
    • Wirst strap
    • Lanyard
    • Connecting adapter
    • Armband
    • 2 x 1.5 V Size N Alkaline batteries
    • Instructions for use
  • Services
    • Initial calibration
    • Additional calibration
    • Extended warranty

Continuously detecting fast varying signals, such as the pulsed signals emitted by radars, has always been a challenge. Thanks to a specific fast sampling mode, the EME Guard XS Radar provides efficient real-time evaluations of the exposure level to workers operating near radar antennas. This new Personal Protection Monitor (PPM) detects any pulse, thus alerting users as soon as the reference level is exceeded.

Covering the wide range of 80MHz-30GHz, the EME Guard XS Radar is a lightweight, portable tool that can be used under both laboratory/test chamber conditions or in “on the field” conditions to alert the exposure to radar emissions.

Since its successful introduction in 2014, the EME Guard XS has established itself as the favorite PPM of RF Safety professionals and has been widely adopted in the telecom industry. The launch of the EME Guard XS Radar completes MVG’s portfolio of PPM products, offering a cost-efficient tool to meet the specific RF Safety needs of Radar Engineers/Technicians and other Military and Aviation personnel.

MVG EME Guard XS Radar
MVG EME Guard XS Radar RF Safety tool


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