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Pearson Electronics Model 110A Current Monitors

Pearson Electronics Model 110A Current Monitors

Pearson Electronics Model 110A Current Monitors

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Sensitivity 0.1 Volt/Ampere +1/-0%
Output resistance 50 Ohms
Maximum peak current 10000 Amperes
Maximum rms current 65 Amperes
Droop rate 0.8 %/millisecond
Useable rise time 20 nanoseconds
Current time product 0.5 Ampere-second maximum*
Low frequency 3dB cut-off 1 Hz (approximate)
High frequency 3dB cut-off 20 MHz (approximate)
I/f figure 1.5 peak Amperes/Hz
Output connector Type N
Operating temperature 0 to 65 oC
Weight 22 ounces

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