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SunAR RF Motion

SunAR RF Motion has built a reputation for providing reliable, high performance and high-quality products; characteristics that make it a perfect fit for AR.

The SunAR RF Motion product line includes precision positioners for EMC testing, antenna measurements, and OTA testing; antennas for EMC testing and distributed antenna systems (DAS); robotic test platforms; and reverberation system design and stirrers for EMC, shielding effectiveness and OTA testing.

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    • Immunity testing
    • JB Series antennas are compact
    • High-performance instruments designed for EMC emissions
    • A tough powdercoat finish with UV inhibitors seals
    • Maintains calibration over extended use
    • Stable feedpoint and excellent cross-polarization properties
    • Broadband characteristics of these antennas enable them to operate over a wide frequency range



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