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1000V High-voltage Direct Input Module for Memory Recorders

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The Hioki U8974 input module features direct high –voltage input of up to 1000 V DC and 700 V AC without using a differential probe. This is ideal for primary and secondary measurements of UPS power supplies and commercial power supply transformers, for recording the primary and secondary waveforms of inverters, and for measuring high-voltage power supply lines, such as 380 V and 480 V systems used in many countries.


Basic specifications (Accuracy guaranteed for 1 year, Post-adjustment accuracy guaranteed for 1 year)

Measurement functions Number of channels: 2, for voltage measurement, DC/RMS selectable
Maximum rated voltage to ground: 1000 V AC or DC (CAT III), 600 V AC or DC (CAT IV)
Input terminals Banana input terminal (Input impedance: 4 MΩ, Input capacitance: 5 pF)
Measurement range 200 mV/div to 50 V/div (DC mode), 8 ranges
500 mV/div to 50 V/div (RMS mode), 7 ranges
Measurement resolution 1/1600 of measurement range (using 16-bit A/D conversion)
Maximum sampling rate 1MS/s
Measurement accuracy ±0.25% f.s. (with filter 5 Hz, zero position accuracy included)
RMS measurement RMS accuracy: ±1.5% f.s. (DC, 30 Hz to 1 kHz), ±3% f.s. (1 kHz to 100 kHz)
Response time: High speed 150 ms, Medium speed 500 ms, Low speed 2.5 s
Frequency characteristics DC to 100 kHz (-3dB)
Input coupling DC/GND
Maximum input voltage 1000 V DC, 700 V AC
Dimensions and mass 106 mm (4.17 in) W × 19.8 mm (0.78 in) H × 196.5 mm (7.74 in) D, 230 g (8.1 oz)
Accessories None
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