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TDK-Lambda Americas Inc.

TDK-Lambda Americas Inc. was founded in 1945 as a manufacturer of electronic instruments to serve the military R&D market. In the years following its inception, electronic measurements became more involved in the design and development of DC power supplies. EMI was purchased by Rowan Industries in 1964 and in 1970, was spun off to become a privately held corporation.

TDK-Lambda was created in 2008 through a merger with the power supply business of TDK. It is now a leader in the power supply field. With R&D bases located in five key areas, namely Japan, China, the rest of Asia, Europe, and America, and a comprehensive framework extending from development and manufacturing to marketing and service, it can swiftly meet any customer requirements and needs.The company’s products play a vital role in telecommunications, data communications, medical facilities, testing and measurement, rail transport, automotive and LED devices.

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