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AE Techron’s 7100-Series Models

AE Techron’s 7100-Series Models

Key Performance Capabilities:

  • Up to 900 watts RMS power output (7136 model)
  • Small signal response up to 400 kHz
  • User-adjustable precision DC offset
  • User-adjustable current limit: 1A to 25A
  • 4-quadrant operation
  • AC/DC coupled



Introducing the AE Techron’s 7100-Series Models

AE Techron’s 7100-series models are 4-quadrant, AC and DC amplifiers that provide exceptional versatility and value. Compact size, user configurability, DC-Max™ topology, and AE Techron toughness make the 7100-series amplifiers the ideal lab partners for conducted and radiated immunity testing, PSRR testing, or any application where more voltage or current is needed than is available from the signal source.

Compact Power

Lightweight and just 2U in height, 7100-series amplifiers make a great choice when size or portability are important selection criteria.


Front panel user controls give the 7100-series amplifiers a wide range of possible uses. Gain, maximum current, and DC offset can be fixed or infinetely varied. The choice of AC or DC coupling makes them suitable both for DC applications and for driving objects like coupling transformers or piezo elements that shouldn’t see DC. All controls can be turned off when only a durable, high-current amplifier or DC source is needed. Or each function can be individually enabled to provide the unique set of capabilities needed at the moment.

7100-series amplifiers can produce a DC output without an input signal. DC output is independent of input signal and amplifier gain. This DC capability, when combined with an input signal from a function generator, creates a versatile DC source with high-speed ripple and dropout capabilities.


7100-series amplifiers are built with our new DC-Max topology. Amplifiers with DC-Max have long-term DC power that is more than 40% greater than traditional designs. This increased DC performance better matches the power requirements found in DC conducted immunity and PSRR testing.

AE Techron Toughness

The 7100-series amplifiers are designed using the same conservative design rules and protection systems that have made AE Techron amplifiers the toughest audio bandwidth amplifiers available.


AE Techron’s 7100-Series Models

AE Techron’s 7100-Series Models

Key Features

High-speed AC/DC Amplifiers with Precision DC Supply

  • Compact, 2U height
  • Front panel user controls for fixed or variable gain, current limit, DC offset, and AC or DC coupling
  • New DC-Max™ topology provides 40% more DC power than traditional designs
  • AE Techron Tough


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7100-Series Models

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