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Hi-Techniques Echelon

Hi-Techniques Echelon



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The Hi-Techniques Echelon series of Data Acquisition Systems combines lab quality input amplifiers and signal conditioning with unparalleled connectivity in a rugged, portable package. Why be forced to compromise performance just to get a ruggedized data acquisition system? Echelon offers unrivaled capability.

Powerfulenough for the Lab


Ruggedenough for the Field

What makes Echelon different?

Extreme Environmental Performance including IP 67 rated protection against water and dust, shock rating to 100g on 3 axes and -40° to +85° C operating temperature. Sealed connectors, gasketed module interconnects, solid state storage media and low mass, industrial temperature rated components ensure performance in even the harshest conditions.





Distributed processing ensures streaming and process capabilities, regardless of channel count. Each Echelon processor module supports streaming and processing of up to 4 input modules (up to 64 high speed channels, 64 low speed isolated thermocouple channels AND hundreds of CAN and Digital channels per processor module). Need more channels? Simply add another processor module and add additional input modules. Start/stop and synchronized, high speed data collection and real-time processing are managed internally.


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