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    • Super high precision, ±0.05% amplitude accuracy, ±0.2° phase accuracy
    • Wide-bandwidth DC to 500kHz excellent frequency characteristics
    • Applications in the fields of electric and hybrid electric vehicles
    • Wide operating temperature range(-30 ℃ to 85 ℃) fit for automobile applications
    • deal for evaluation of solar power generation and fuel cells to measure battery charge and discharge and the secondary side of inverters
    • For observing waveforms to be used with the oscilloscopes or Memory HiCorders (use with SENSOR UNIT)


  • Easy Pole Clamp-On Ground Resistance Tester with Super Slim Jaw

    • Earth resistance measurement for multi-grounded systems
    •  Measure leak current with absolute certainty with highly sensitive 0.01 mA resolution (at 20.00 mA range)
    • Measure load current up to 60.0 A range
    • Clamp at the narrowest point


    • Cord is insulated
    • BNC connectors at both ends,
    • 1.6 m (5.25 ft) length


    • 5-range testing voltage of 50 V/100 MΩ to 1000 V/4000 MΩ
    • Stable & medium-speed digital readings, 0.8 second response time of PASS/ FAIL decisions
    • Drop proof onto concrete from 1m (3.28 feet)
    • Bright LED, luminous LCD, test lead with bright LED lamp to illuminate near hand (Also available in the IR4056-21)
    • Continuity check via 200 mA testing
    • Built in AC/DC voltage meter, useful for testing solar power generation systems and electric vehicles

    Guarantee3years  CEDROPPROOF

  • Simple Circuit Analysis & Detailed Acceptance/Rejection Decision-Making Firmware Upgrade for the IM3570

    • Automatically select the equivalent circuit model from the five typical models to minimize the differences between the measured values and the ideal frequency characteristics derived from the analysis results
    • Determine acceptance/rejection for the L, C, and R elements comprising a part and the resonance sharpness (mechanical quality coefficient)
    • Make detailed decisions on the elements using the resonance of a piezoelectric element or inductor


    • LCR measurement, DCR measurement, sweep measurement, continuous measurement and high-speed testing achieved with one instrument
    • High-speed testing, achieving maximum speeds of 1.5ms (1 kHz) and 0.5ms (100kHz) in LCR mode
    • High-accuracy measurements, basic accuracy of Z parameter: ± 0.08%
    • Perfect impedance analyzer for testing the resonance characteristics of piezoelectric elements, C-D and low ESR measurement of functional polymer capacitors, DCR and L-Q measurement of inductors (coils and transformers)
    • Perform frequency sweeps, level sweeps, and time interval measurements in analyzer mode


    • Compatible with the SPECpower® benchmark for server power consumption SPECpower® is a registered trademark of Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation
    • Measure DC, and single-phase 2-wire to 3-phase 4-wire with 3-channel input
    • For development and production of motors, inverters, power conditioners, power supplies, and other devices
    • High-precision basic accuracy of ±0.1 % (*1) (*1) For complete details, please refer to the specifications
    • Wide frequency bandwidth of 0.1 Hz to 100 kHz or DC
    • High-current measurement up to 65 A of direct input
    • Harmonic measurement up to the 50th order according to IEC 61000-4-7
    • High-accuracy measurement, even with a low power factor for no-load testing of transformers and motors
    • Built-in external sensor input terminals to measure up to 5000 A AC
    • Synchronize up to 8 units for multi-unit measurement
    • Create a 6-channel power meter by synchronizing two PW3337 units and using the free PC application


    • Power supply for high-precision current sensors with waveform output / RMS output functionality
    • Output Terminal BNC Terminal
    • Output voltage Waveform output: 2 V f.s. / RMS output: 2 V DC f.s.
    • Operating temperature range -10 °C to 50 °C (14 °F to 122 °F)
    • Power supply AC Adapter Z1008 (100 to 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz, maximum rated power when used with sensors: 45 VA)
      External power supply (10 to 30 V DC; maximum rated power: 15 VA)


  • • High Power Density 10kW/15kW in full-rack 3U package
    • High Output Current (up to 1000ADC)
    • Popular worldwide 3Ф AC inputs, (208VAC, 400VAC, 480VAC)
    • Power Factor 0.88 (Passive PFC on all 3Ф AC Inputs)
    • Output Voltage from 7.5V (1000A) to 1500V (10A)
    • Built-in RS-232/RS-485 Serial Interface (standard)
    • Last Setting Memory, Safe/Auto-ReStart, Front Panel Lock/Unlock
    • “Advanced Parallel” configuration reports total system current (up to four identical units)
    • Global Commands for RS-232/RS-485 Serial Interface
    • Continuous Encoders for Voltage and Current Adjustment (Coarse & Fine mode)
    • Independent Remote SHUTOFF and Remote ENABLE/DISABLE


    • High Power Density 3.3kW in 2U
    • Wide Range of popular worldwide AC inputs, 1ø (230VAC) & 3ø (208VAC, 400VAC)
    • Active Power Factor Correction (Single-Phase & Three-Phase AC Input)
    • Output Voltage up to 600V, Current up to 400A
    • Built-in RS-232/RS-485 Interface Standard
    • Global Commands for Serial RS-232/RS-485 Interface
    • Auto-Re-Start / Safe-Start: user selectable
    • Last-Setting Memory
    • High Resolution 16 bit ADCs & DACs
    • Low Ripple & Noise
    • Front Panel Lock selectable from Front Panel or Software
    • Reliable Encoders for Voltage and Current Adjustment
    • Constant Voltage/Constant Current auto-crossover
    • Parallel Operation with Active Current Sharing; up to four identical units.
    • Advanced Parallel Master / Slave. Total Current is Programmed and Measured via the Master.
    • Independent Remote ON/OFF and Remote Enable/Disable



    • High Power Density 750W in 1U full-rack size
    • Wide Range Input (85 – 265Vac Continuous)
    • Active Power Factor Correction (0.99 typical)
    • Output Voltage up to 600V, Current up to 100A
    • Built-in RS-232/RS-485 Interface Standard
    • Last Setting Memory; Front Panel Lockout
    • Advanced Parallel reports total current up to four identical units


    • Wide Range Input (85 – 265Vac Continuous)
    • Active Power Factor Correction (0.99 typical)
    • Output Voltage up to 600V, Current up to 100A
    • Built-in RS-232/RS-485 Interface Standard
    • Last Setting Memory; Front Panel Lockout
    • Advanced Parallel reports total current up to four identical units


    • Integrated acceleration (velocity) signal
    • Self-contained seismic velocity transmitter
    • Signal integrator
    • Piezo-electric accelerometer
    • RMS peak detector
    • 4-20 mA signal conditioner


  • ST5484E Seismic Velocity Transmitter with high- and low-pass filter options

    Supply Voltage Inputs 11 – 29.6 VDC (24 VDC nominal) (intrinsically safe), 11 – 30 VDC (24 VDC nominal) (explosion proof and non-incendive)

    Type: 24″ Flying Leads – 2-wire



  • AC Power Cords 14AWG PLUG-SJ 9FT (2.7m) BLACK


    • PowerFlex design gives variable voltage and current combinations within a maximum power envelope
    • Up to 60V and up to 20A per output (420W maximum)
    • Constant voltage or constant current operation
    • Low output noise and good transient response
    • PowerFlex or fixed-range operation plus custom limits
    • True analogue controls with digital settings locking
    • Independent outputs or isolated voltage tracking (dual)
    • Outputs can be wired in series or parallel for 120V or 40A
    • Variable OVP trips; safety binding-post terminals
    • 4 digit fixed resolution meters; selectable remote sensing
    • Compact ½ rack 3U case (dual) or ¼ rack 3U case (single)
    • Duplicate terminals at rear on CPX400SA, SP & DP
    • Isolated analogue control interface (CPX400SA only)
    • GPIB, RS-232, USB and LAN interfaces with LXI compliance (CPX400SP & CPX400DP only)



Showing 1–16 of 23 results