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Velocity Transmitter ST5484E-151-120-0

Velocity Transmitter ST5484E-151-120-0

  • Integrated acceleration (velocity) signal
  • Self-contained seismic velocity transmitter
  • Signal integrator
  • Piezo-electric accelerometer
  • RMS peak detector
  • 4-20 mA signal conditioner




The ST5484E is a self-contained seismic velocity transmitter that incorporates a piezoelectric accelerometer, signal integrator, RMS peak detector, and a 4-20 mA signal conditioner into a single package. It can be mounted directly on a machine case or bearing housing without intervening signal conditioning equipment. The amplitude of the integrated acceleration (velocity) signal is converted to a proportional 4-20 mA signal compatible with industrial process control instrumentation such as PLCs, DCSs, and SCADA systems that can provide trending and/or alarming capabilities for a simplified vibration monitoring strategy.

When the flying lead or terminal block connector options arechosen, the transmitter does not need a separate environmental housing and can directly accept conduit. To reduce installed cost, it can be used with barriers for intrinsically safe installations, or wired directly to explosion-proof conduit fittings for explosion- proof installations.

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