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TDK-Lambda Genesys™ 1U Power supply,0-12.5V 0-60A 750W FulRac-LAN Opt

TDK-Lambda Genesys™ 1U Power supply,0-12.5V 0-60A 750W FulRac-LAN Opt

  1. AC ON/OFF Switch
  2. Air Intake allows zero stacking for maximum system flexibility and power density.
  3. Reliable encoder controls Output Voltage and sets Address.
  4. Volt Display shows Output Voltage and directly displays OVP, UVL and Address settings.
  5. Reliable encoder controls Output Current, sets baudrate and Advanced Parallel mode.
  6. Current Display shows Output Current and displays baudrate




The Genesys™ 1U series can supply power ratings up to 2400W, the highest power density available in a 1U rack size. It offers voltages of up to 600V and currents of up to 300A. Multiple remote programming methods are available including built-in RS232 & RS485 and optional LAN, GPIB & isolated analogue interfaces. The units can operate in either constant current or constant voltage mode and accepts either a single-phase 230Vac or 3-phase 208Vac input. The product is backed with a five year warranty.

TDK-Lambda Power supply


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