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4-Quadrant Grid Simulators

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  • Unleash the power of modern, versatile, and sophisticated AC sources with our LSX Series – Programmable AC Power Source. These powerhouses come in single and three-phase options, ranging from 1.5kVA to 6kVA. Equipped with an advanced programmable controller featuring a vivid colour touchscreen interface, the LSX Series is not just cost-effective but also fully programmable for basic frequency conversion, advanced AC power line disturbance tests, and ATE applications.


  • Key Features Provide Application Versatility

    • USB, LAN (LXI), IEEE-488.2 and RS-232C with SCPI compatibility
    • Compatible with PPSC Studio graphical user interface
    • LabVIEW for Windows®/LabWindows® drivers
    • Waveform Creation by Harmonic Synthesis
    • Waveform Capture (Voltage and Current)
    • Harmonic Analysis (Voltage and Current)
    • Metering of RMS and Peak Values
    • Continuous Self Calibration (CSC)
    • Line Sync
    • 6:1 Peak Current Capability
    • Low Impedance for EN61000-3-2, 3 Testing
    • Programmable Output Impedance
    • Up to 0-300 VAC Direct Coupled Out
    • 1 Phase / 3 Phase Switch Selectable
    • 15-5000 Hz Full Power Bandwidth
    • Power Levels from 500 VA to 6 kVA standard; 30kVA optional
    • Externally Referenced Meter Calibration
    • CE Safety & EMC and NTRL Safety Mark


  • The AZX Series (Regenerative AC / DC Power Source) is a family of high power, single, split and three phase, AC, DC and AC+DC output capable Power Sources with full energy recovery to the AC mains when sinking power from the equipment under test. Available models range from 30 kVA to 440 kVA. Using a modern color touch screen based user interface for ease of use, the AZX Series is cost effective and fully programmable for both basic frequency conversion and advanced AC power line or DC power disturbance test applications requiring up to 1000 Hz fundamental frequency.

    The energy recovery capability allows both sourcing and sinking of current and power up to 100% of rated power. Adding the Load Option (Option L) adds full electronic regenerative AC & DC Load programming capability to the AZX.


  • Asymmetric three phase voltages, Micro-ruptures and flicker, Periodic and single shot under- and over voltages, Voltage drops either three phase or each single phase ,Superimposed harmonic and inter-harmonic voltages up to 3 kHz bandwidth.



Showing all 4 results




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