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Aim-TTi CPX400S Power Supply TTC Single 420W ‘PowerFlex” Max 60V

Aim-TTi CPX400S Power Supply TTC Single 420W ‘PowerFlex” Max 60V

  • PowerFlex design gives variable voltage and current combinations within a maximum power envelope
  • Up to 60V and up to 20A per output (420W maximum)
  • Constant voltage or constant current operation
  • Low output noise and good transient response
  • PowerFlex or fixed-range operation plus custom limits
  • True analogue controls with digital settings locking
  • Independent outputs or isolated voltage tracking (dual)
  • Outputs can be wired in series or parallel for 120V or 40A
  • Variable OVP trips; safety binding-post terminals
  • 4 digit fixed resolution meters; selectable remote sensing
  • Compact ½ rack 3U case (dual) or ¼ rack 3U case (single)
  • Duplicate terminals at rear on CPX400SA, SP & DP
  • Isolated analogue control interface (CPX400SA only)
  • GPIB, RS-232, USB and LAN interfaces with LXI compliance (CPX400SP & CPX400DP only)




The CPX400S is a single output version of the CPX400D providing up to 60 volts and 20 amps within its 420 watt power envelope. It is housed in a ¼ rack width 3U high case that uses the minimum possible space for either bench use or rack mounting.

The single output version of the CPX400 is available in three variants. The CPX400S has manual control only, for conventional bench-top use. The CPX400SA adds isolated analogue remote control plus duplicate rear terminals. The CPX400DP has digital remote control via USB, RS-232, GPIB and LAN (LXI) along with duplicate rear terminals

CPX400S – Single Output 420W
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