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Hi-Techniques Synergy P

Hi-Techniques Synergy P

The Hi-Techniques Synergy series of Data Acquisition Systems integrates superior transient and streaming capability with optimized time and frequency domain performance. Add in universal signal conditioning, real-time math and you’ll see why Synergy is the ultimate Data Acquisition System for all of your mechanical, electrical, acoustic, shock and vibration measurements.




Bringing Intelligence to Portable Data Acquisition

The Hi-Techniques Synergy P mainframe supports up to 4 input modules capable of up to 64 channels in a portable, self-contained chassis. Mix and match input modules in any configuration or choose one of the economical bundled configurations.
Hi Techniques Synergy P




Accomodates 4 Input Modules

16 input channels @ 2 MS/s each

  • 500 kS/s streaming to disk on all channels

Up to 64 input channels @ 100 kS/s with the High Density Module

Hi Techniques Synergy P





Master/Slave Interface enables multiple units to start/stop and acquire simultaneously

Hi Techniques Synergy P



Dual video support enables simultaneous analysis and display of data


Hi Techniques Synergy P





Dual GigE enables simultaneous connection to external PC and corporate backbone

Integrated Core i3 PC with touchscreen display

(Core i7 upgrade available)

Integrated 500 GB SSD

(3 TB upgrade available)

Optional IRIG/GPS interface enables time stamping of data.

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