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Hi-Techniques FreeStyle series Data Acquisition Systems

Hi-Techniques FreeStyle series Data Acquisition Systems

The Hi-Techniques FreeStyle series of Data Acquisition Systems is a versatile, capable solution for mobile and rugged data acquisition applications. FreeStyle was designed from the ground up to make data acquisition as fast and as easy as possible. Just grab your FreeStyle and your computer and head out to the test site.

Flexibility by Design


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Why Choose Hi-Techniques FreeStyle?


Get Closer to Your Measurements for Better Results. FreeStyle was designed from the ground up to operate in harsh conditions. Utilizing lower power/low heat industrial rated components, FreeStyle’s specifications are guaranteed across the wide -40° to +85° C operating temperature range. Many lower capability competitive systems can vary dramatically in results across this wide temperature range.

Seamless Expandability guarantees you’ll never need just one more channel. Up to 4 FreeStyle units can be connected to a single PC using a single power and communications cable. Units can be up to 100m from each other. Units coordinate using the IEEE 1588 precision time protocol to establish a sub microsecond synchronization.

Integrated Universal signal conditioning offers software selectable conditioning for virtually any sensor type including strain gages, accelerometers, thermocouples, RTDs, load cells, and pressure transducers on a per channel basis for maximum configuration flexibility. Need to mix and match sensor types in any configuration? No problem.

FreeStyle communicates using the same Aspire software that the rest of Hi-Techniques products use. Configuration and setup are fast and easy; recordings can be started within seconds of powering up a unit.


Up to 20 kS/s per channel streaming to connected PC, regardless of channel count, offers orders of magnitude improvement over the competition. 24-bit SAR digitizers ensure the highest available performance. Stored data can then be analyzed in Aspire or exported into one of 17 different formats.


 Sealed connectors and IP67 sealed enclosure ensures the FreeStyle can survive any environment and situation. Convenient tie down points allow the FreeStyle to be easily secured in any orientation.

A single Power and Communications (PCom) cable is all that FreeStyle requires to operate. FreeStyle supports 9-36Vdc voltage range for most field and mobile applications. Never worry about power sags or surges again. The same cable connects the FreeStyle unit to your PC through Ethernet.


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