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Introducing the Hioki BATTERY CELL VOLTAGE GENERATOR SS7081-50

Streamline BMS* Functional Testing !!

Battery Cell Voltage Generator, a 12-channel generator and measuring instrument designed to deliver easy and accurate evaluation of battery management systems (BMS) for lithium-ion battery (LiB) packs used in electric vehicles and storage batteries.

A BMS is an electronic system that manages a rechargeable battery cell or battery pack for the purpose of managing the output, charging and discharging and provide notifications on the status of the battery pack to the electronic device. The most important goal of a BMS is to provide critical safeguards to protect the batteries from damage by measuring and reporting critical information for the operation of the battery. Lithium-ion batteries, in particular, need a BMS to maintain their charge and discharge level – overcharging them can lead to damage, overheating and even explosion. Another function of a BMS is to prolong the life of a battery – excessive discharge can permanently reduce overall capacity.



Key Features

  • Use as a Battery or Power Supply Simulation System
  • Measure Actual Batteries Even More Safely
  • Highly precise voltage output and testing plus very low current measurement
  • Build into battery HILS* systems
  • Supporting a Diverse Array of Applications


Key Benefits

The new SS7081-50 acts as a simulated battery and provides voltage generation to efficiently build a test environment that might otherwise be difficult to recreate using actual batteries, power supplies and electronic loads so that users can effectively evaluate BMS performance and safety characteristics. As electrification of the automobile and use of LiB continue to skyrocket, R&D of the systems used to manage the batteries has also accelerated. The SS7081-50 contributes to more effective and accurate evaluation of those systems by delivering the following:

  1. Serve as a simulated battery and voltage generator in place of actual batteries, power supply and electronic load for up to 12 battery cells, reducing the need and costs required for complex wiring or large scale simulators
  2. High precision voltage and current measurement, even down to minute current levels that is especially useful for measuring dark or standby current
  3. Simulate wire burn-outs to resolve the trouble and eliminate the hazards associated with using dedicated jigs that recreate such events with the use of actual batteries and cables

Use as a Battery or Power Supply Simulation System

  • High precision testing of dark or standby current (Example Accuracy: 4 μA, During measurement: ±0.012 μA)
  • Cell imbalance simulation with high accuracy output (Example Accuracy: 3.6 V, On output: ±1.04 mV)
  • Voltage measurement with high accuracy (Example Accuracy: 3.6 V, During measurement: ±0.46 mV)
  • Balancing current measurement with high accuracy (Example Accuracy: 50 mA, During measurement: ±0.135 mA)


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Number of channels 12
Maximum in-series connections In-series connections of instrument up to and including a maximum in-series output voltage of 1000 V

Output range

(All channels indepen- dent)

DC voltage 0.0000 V to 5.0250 V

Maximum output


±1.00000 A

Continuous output is supported from a mini- mum of -210 mA to a maximum of 210 mA.

The maximum output time for currents less

than -210 mA or greater than 210 mA is 200 ms.


Measurement range

DC voltage -0.00100 V to 5.10000 V
DC current (2 ranges) ±120.0000 μA (100 μA range)

±1.200 00 A (1A range)

Integration time 1 PLC (50 Hz: 20 ms; 60 Hz: 16.7 ms)

Insulation resistance

1000 MΩ or greater (between positive/negative terminals and chassis) 1000 MΩ or greater (between channels)
Terminal-to-ground capacitance  

1000 pF or less per channel


Voltage output accuracy

±0.0150% of setting ±500 μV
Output resistance

3 mΩ or less (Does not include connector’s contact resistance)

Voltage measurement accuracy  

±0.0100% rdg. ±100 μV

Current measurement accuracy 1 A range ±0.0700% rdg.±100 μA
100 μA range ±0.0350% rdg. of ±10 nA
Power supply Universal (100 V to 240 V AC)
Interface LAN

Exterior dimensions

430 (16.93 in)W ±3 mm (0.12 in) × 132 (5.20 in)H ±3 mm (0.12

in) × 483 (19.02 in)D ±3 mm (0.12 in)

Mass 9.72 kg (342.9 oz.) ±0.5 kg (17.6 oz.)
Accessories User manual, power cord, rack frame



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