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  • Single-phase, 2U, industrial amplifier/battery simulator

    • Bench-sized
    • Powered from 120V/230VAC
    • Source and Sink (4 quadrant)
    • Rugged Design
    • 3-Year, No-Fault Warranty

    Key Performance Capabilities:

    • Drop outs and surges as fast as 1.2µs
    • Small signal response up to 1 MHz
    • 13.5 VDC at up to 28A
    • Field-selectable ±40V, 75V or 150V potential


  • The First Wide-Bandwidth, High-Power Digital Amplifiers

    • Max Continuous Output Current: 300A RMS
    • Surge Rating: 2X power at up to 400 VP or 750A
    • Apparent Power Rating: Up to 5X continuous power rating atup to 400 VP or 750A
    • Supply Voltage: Three-phase, 208V ±10%, 60A, 50/60 Hz; 400V ±10%, 15A version available.
    • Dimensions (HxWxD): 36.5 x 21.0 x 30.75 inches (92.7 x 53.3 x 78.1 cm)
    • Weight: Appx. 540 lbs. (244.9 kg)


  • Multi-Range DC Power Supply with digital control, 3 or 4 Outputs, 315 to 420W with/without Remote Interfaces

    • hree or four high performance outputs each with full functionality
    • Range switching gives variable voltage/current combinations
    • Shared power mode provides double power from a single output
    • Low output noise and ripple via linear final regulation
    • High setting resolution of up to 1mV and 0.1mA
    • Variable OVP and OCP trips on all outputs
    • 50 setting memories per output plus 50 linked memories
    • Selectable voltage tracking (isolated tracking)
    • Selectable current meter averaging
    • Switchable remote sense capability
    • Graphic LCD provides simultaneous output metering
    • Numeric or spin-wheel control of all parameters
    • Individual or combined output on/off control with programmable delay sequencing.
    • 3U half-rack case for bench or rack mounting (4U rack kit accessory available)
    • RS-232, USB and LAN (LXI) interfaces (P models), GPIB option
    • Duplicate power & sense terminals at rear (P models)


  • with 10MHz to 3.6 or 6.0GHz bandwidth options

    True hand-held battery powered RF spectrum analyzers.

    • 10MHz to 3600MHz or 6000MHz frequency range
    • Resolution bandwidths from 300Hz to 10MHz (1:3:10)
    • -120dBm typical noise floor at -40dBm ref. level/10kHz RBW
    • Measurement in dBm or dBµV, mV or µW
    • Zero span mode with AM and FM audio demodulation
    • Trace modes of normal, peak hold and trace average
    • Live, View and Reference traces in contrasting colours
    • Twin markers with readout of absolute & difference values
    • Smart marker movement with selectable peak tracking
    • Frequency counter with down to 10Hz resolution
    • Frequency presets and independent state storage
    • Auto-find automatically sets sweep parameters for the highest signal found
    • Unlimited storage for waveforms, set-ups and screens
    • User assignable file names, file stamping from real-time clock
    • USB interfaces for Flash drives and PC connection
    • Comprehensive status and context sensitive help screens
    • Rechargeable lithium ion battery giving more than 3 hours continuous operation from a charge
    • Smaller and lighter than other spectrum analyzers (weight only 0.56 kg)


  • DC Power Supply single output, 80V/50A 750W PowerFlex+, LAN & USB interfaces, GPIB Option

    • Wide range of voltage/current combinations
    • Up to 80V and up to 50A within the same power envelope
    • Low output ripple and noise of <3mV rms at full power
    • High setting resolution of 1mV
    • Analogue control interfaces for voltage and current
    • Bench or rack mounting, front and rear terminals
    • LAN (LXI), USB, GPIB interfaces (GPIB optional on QPX750SP)


    • 150kHz to 3GHz (TGR2053) and 150kHz to 1.5GHz (TGR2051) frequency range
    • High signal purity, phase noise <-117dBc/Hz (typical) at 1GHz output and 10kHz offset
    • Amplitude range of -127dBm to +13dBm
    • 0.1dBm amplitude setting resolution
    • Internal or external analogue modulations (AM, FM, PM)
    • Amplitude can be set in dBm, dBμV or in linear Volts.
    • Internal or external digital modulations – ASK, OOK, FSK, 3FSK, 4FSK, GFSK, MSK, GMSK, HMSK & PSK with U01 option
    • Modulation Synchronisation
    • Fast amplitude and/or frequency sweeps with comprehensive triggering
    • 5ms sweep settling time
    • 1ppm frequency accuracy, <1ppm drift in first year
    • Modulation waveform output on the rear panel
    • Internal waveforms include: Sine, Square, Ramp, Triangle, PRBS (various lengths) and user-defined pattern
    • Simple operation with the colour touch screen
    • Programmable via USB, LAN (LXI) and GPIB (optional), SCPI compatible
    • Compatible with previous Aim-TTi RF generators


    • Radiated and conducted immunity
    • Radiated and conducted emissions
    • Pre-defined test standards
    • Report generation
    • Equipment driver library
    • EUT monitoring
    • Reverb method
    • Multi-tone capable

  • The EMI 64k software allows to embed the TDEMI systems in a fully automated test environment.

    • Full automation of EMI testing according to all commercial and military standards
    • Automated control of turntable, antenna and other equipment
    • Height and Angular Scan
    • Procedures according to standards as well as customized procedures
    • Reducing the cost for EMC and communication testing and certification by tailored packages


  • The measurement system for all emission measurments in the frequency range 1 Hz – 44 GHz.

    • Frequency Range  1 Hz – 30MHz, 1GHz, 3GHz, 6GHz, 9GHz, 18GHz, 26GHz, 40 GHz and 44GHz
    • 225 MHz Real-time Analysis Bandwidth
    • Weighted Real-time Spectrogram up to 44 GHz
    • CISPR Bandwidths 200 Hz, 9 kHz, 120 kHz, 1 MHz
    • MIL/DO Bandwidths 10 Hz, 100 Hz, 1 kHz, 10 kHz, 100 kHz, 1 MHz


  • The measurement system for all emission measurments in the frequency range 1 Hz – 44 GHz.

    • Full compliance EMI Reciever according to standard CISPR 16-1· 1, ANSI C63.2, MIL->461, and DO·160
    • Spectrum Analyzer
    • Integrated LOW Noise Ampllfier (lNAI)
    • Integrated Preselect1on
    • Tradttional and FFT·based Mode
    • Automatic Stepped Attenuator
    • Ultra Low Noise Floor
    • Excellent spurious Performance
    • Real-time Spectrum Analyzer optional
    • Vast IQ-Bandwidth


  • TDEMI Mobile+. The ultra mobile EMI receiver – Emission measurements everytime, everywhere. Fully stand-alone operable.

    • Frequency Ranges 10Hz – 1GHz, 3GHz, 6GHz or 7GHz
    • 16000x faster than conventional receivers
    • Super compact design and 12V supply
    • 225 MHz fully gapless real-time analysis bandwidth
    • Weighted Real-time Spectrogram


  • Ultra High Performance RT Spectrum Analyzer. Ultrafast EMI Measurements.

    • Frequency Range from 1 Hz up to 50 GHz
    • 225 MHz Real-time analysis bandwidth
    • 100 dB Dynamic Range
    • Ultrahigh performance preselection in all modes
    • Up to 510 MHz Real-time IQ-Analysis bandwidth
    • Ultra High Performance Spectrum Analyzer



  • High-Speed Current Control: No dynamic overshoot or oscillation
    High Slew-Rate: Up to 30A/*s for fast load changes
    Low Voltage Operation: Stable operation with no turn-on delay
    Multi-Functional: Seven load modes and four operating modes
    Parallel Operation: Up to 10kW with 10 units
    User-Friendly Interface: Built-in USB and optional IEEE interfaces
    Compliance: EN61010-1 compliant with a two-year warranty

    • Customizable & savable test setups
    • Program & Datalog Storage
    • User Defined Temperature Limits
    • Local & Remote Operations
    • LabView™ drivers
    • IEEE-488, RS232 ports



    • 20 Amp Operation: Full performance with 20 amp service
    • Automatic Power Reduction: Reduces power usage during idle periods
    • Heat Only Mode: Reduces power usage when cold temperatures are not used
    • WhisperStream Technology: quieter, smooth-sounding operation, 56 dBA
    • Frost Free Test Environment: dry air purge for tester interface, prevents condensation:
      0.5 to 3scfm (0.25 to 1.5 l/s)
    • Heated Defrost: quickly removes moisture buildup from internal chiller
    • DUT Temperature Control : Proprietary control algorithm enables DUT temperature to be directly controlled
    • Transition Rate*
      -55 to +125°C, approx. 10 seconds
      125 to -55°C, approx. 10 seconds
    • System Airflow Output*
      4 to 18scfm (1.9 to 8.5 l/s) Continuous
    • Temperature Range*
      -80 to +225°C (60Hz) No LN2 or LCO2 Required


    • High reliability thermal cycling without thermoelectric modules
    • Temperature range: -65 to 175°C
    • Cooling power:
      • 40W at -40°C for lower power devices
      • 55W at -55°C and 120W at -40°C.
    • Transition rate: up to <35 sec over 25 to -40°C
    • Easy and secure thermal connection to in-circuit or test socked DUT
    • Touch-screen controller: user-programmable temperatures, graphing, data logging
    • Communications options: Ethernet, USB, IEEE, RS232



Showing 1–16 of 173 results




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