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Lab Brick Phase Shifter

Lab Brick Phase Shifter

1 – 12 GHz Programmable Phase Shifters

• USB powered and controlled

• Includes easy to install and use GUI

• 360 degree phase control in 1 degree increments

• Calibrated performance for optimal accuracy

• Phase profile upload capability

• API DLL and example programs included


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The Lab Brick Phase Shifter provides excellent phase accuracy while offering 1 degree phase resolution. The phase can be set from the GUI, configured from an uploaded phase profile or programmed using the provided API DLL. The GUI software can track and control several connected phase shifters, simplifying multiple device test setups. Each device stores settings in internal memory, allowing it to power up in a specific phase state. Lab Brick Phase Shifter

Applications include:

  • Beam forming
  • Signal cancellation
  • Phase modulators
  • MIMO test platforms for LTE and WIFI
  • Phased array antenna systems

Typical Specifications

LPS-202 1 to 2 GHz
LPS-402 2 to 4 GHz
LPS-802 4 to 8 GHz
LPS-123 8 to 12 GHz
Phase Adjustment Range 360°
Phase Adjustment Step Size Programmable: 1° to 360°
Phase Adjustment Accuracy ± 2.5° typical
Programmable Phase Profiles User Defined
External Triggering Optional
Response Time 10 µsec.
Insertion Loss 5 dB typical, 7 dB maximum
Input / Output Return Loss 15 dB typical
Operating Input Power up to +10 dBm for linear operation
DC Power via USB
GUI Compatibility Windows 7/8/XP/2000
Length 3.86″ (98mm) approximate
Width 2.52″ (64mm) approximate
Height 0.67″ (17mm) approximate
Weight < 0.5 lbs (0.23 Kg)
RF Connectors SMA-Female
USB Cable USB 2.0 A to Mini B


Lab Brick Phase Shifter
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