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LCR HiTESTER 3511-50

LCR HiTESTER 3511-50

Compact, dual-band 120Hz/1kHz LCR Meter for Integration into Automated Production Lines




Hioki LCR Meters and Impedance Analyzers range from 1mHz to 1.3GHz devices to suit a wide range of applications in the testing of electronic components. The 3511-50 is a compact, general purpose LCR tester for on-board testing of capacitors and coils used in electrical equipment and devices such as automotive-related components. LCR HiTESTER

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This product is not supplied with measurement probes or test fixtures. Please select and purchase the measurement probe or test fixture options appropriate for your application separately. For an RS-232C connection: A crossover cable for interconnection can be used. You can use the RS-232C CABLE 9637 without hardware flow control.


Key Features

• High speed measurement: 5 ms (1 kHz) or 13 ms (120 Hz)

• Built-in high-speed comparator

• Measurement frequency: 1 kHz/120 Hz selectable

• From minute measurement with a maximum resolution of 0.01 pF to high-capacity measurement up to 1 F

• Print measured values and comparator results with the Printer 9442 (option)

■ Basic specifications (Accuracy guaranteed for 6 months, Post-adjustment accuracy guaranteed for 6 months)


Measurement parameters


|Z|, θ, R, C, L, D (tanδ), Q


Measurement range


|Z|, R: 10 mΩ to 200.00 MΩ θ: -90.00° to +90.00°
C (at 120 Hz): 9.40 pF to 999.99 mF, C (at 1 kHz): 0.940 pF to 99.999 mF
L (at 120 Hz): 14.00 µH to 200.00 kH, L (at 1 kHz): 1.600 µH to 20.000 kH
D: 0.0001 to 1.9900, Q: 0.85 to 999.99


Basic accuracy


|Z| : ±0.08 % rdg. θ: ±0.05°


Measurement frequency


120 Hz or 1 kHz


Measurement signal level


50 mV, 500 mV, 1 V rms


Output impedance


50 Ω




LED (5-digit display, full-scale count depends on range)


Measurement time


Fast: 13 msec, Normal: 90 msec, Slow: 400 msec. (at 120 Hz)
Fast: 5 msec, Normal: 60 msec, Slow: 300 msec. (at 1 kHz)


DC bias


DC voltage/DC current can be superimposed on the measurement signal.
(Requires optional unit and external constant voltage source/constant current source.)




Panel save and load function, External input/Output (EXT. I/O), GP-IB (option) or RS-232C interface


Power supply


Selectable 100, 120, 220 or 240V AC ±10%, 50/60Hz, 20VA max.


Dimensions and mass


210 mm (8.27 in) W × 100 mm (3.94 in) H × 168 mm (6.61 in) D, 2.5 kg (88.2 oz)




Instruction manual × 1, Power cord × 1, Spare fuse × 1


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