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Gauss Instruments

GAUSS INSTRUMENTS is manufacturer of highest performance EMC test equipment and provides advanced EMI test solutions pushing your product development and testing capabilities ahead, and speeding up your time to market cycles. With GAUSS putting the turbo in EMC since 2007, product certifications as well as precertification tasks have become as simple as they had never been before. Across all over the world we provide our unrivaled products, advanced test solutions, and services – together with a local service partner of our worldwide network of highly qualified and dedicated team and partners.


gauss instruments


And our innovation continues – combining our deep knowledge of real-time digital signal processing, millimetre, and microwave technologies to develop receiver and analyzer solutions combining and blurring the lines between previously discrete test instruments while delivering speeds and analysis capabilities several orders of magnitude greater than any other measurement equipment available. Combining both the advantages of the ‘old’ analog and the ‘new’ digital world we keep your testing up-to-date and beyond – pushing it to the next level and ready prepared for the future coming.

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Showing all 7 results