Lab Bricks set on-the-go standard

Why would you need a portable signal generator? For on-the-road technicians, being able to simply plug in and go is essential. And the need to go to the test signal, rather than the test signal coming to the lab, is something that is becoming more common.

For on-the-go, the Lab Brick family of signal generators from our partners at Vaunix is the ideal solution. These low-cost and portable signal generators are as effective and accurate as the high-end fixed or rack-mounted ones in labs.

Even though they’re low-cost, portable units, these signal generators still pack a punch. They boast low phase noise and excellent spectral purity and provide precise stable output signals from 50 MHz to 6 GHz. They operate from battery power in embedded applications and from remote power supplies in automatic test equipment (ATE) systems. And, with their Universal Serial Bus (USB) compatibility and graphical-user-interface (GUI) software, they offer simple operation from a laptop or personal computer.

Because of all this, these units are also popping up in teaching labs across the country. Because signal generators have, until now, been so cost prohibitive, devices were often shared among multiple labs in universities – in other words, there simply weren’t enough to go around, meaning delayed schedules and reduced productivity.

With their portability and power, these signal generators set a new standard for cost, size and simplicity of microwave test systems.

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