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The TDEMI Ultra series is a novel new product line from Gauss Instruments that delivers the most powerful measurement equipment on the market for emission testing. To help our customers fully experience this groundbreaking series of receivers TMetrix is now offering a free one-week trial—that includes technical training—to get you started.



The TDEMI Ultra series is based on Gauss Instruments’ unrivaled and patented TDEMI® real-time technology that offers the best RF performance and the lowest noise floor. Special features include:

  • Up to 685 MHz real-time bandwidth
  • Up to 40 GHz real-time scanning
  • Ultrafast receiver scanning
  • Ultrafast stepped scanning
  • 12V supply and battery pack
  • Intuitive and easy to operate

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TMetrix Resource Centre Now Live

TMetrix is pleased to announce that our Resource Centre, housed on our website, is now live. Click on Resource Centre to sign up for free access to content that highlights— via media such as videos, webinars, and white papers—exceptional products from our brands and critical information that could be a difference maker for your company.

Below we highlight new Resource Centre content for your perusal.

  • Video on the AE Techron 8500 Series of amplifiers
  • Webinar on Hioki safety testing for medical equipment
  • White paper on “Test Setup Optimization and Automation for Accurate Silicon Photonics Wafer Acceptance Production Tests” published in the 2020 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON MICROELECTRONIC TEST STRUCTURES

New Product UCD-500 • DisplayPort 2.0 Video Generator and Analyzer

ACA TMetrix is pleased to introduce Unigraf’s UCD-500, a new video generator and analyzer unit for testing DisplayPortTM 2.0 sinks and sources up to 8K@60Hz (16K@60 Hz with DSC) video modes with UHBR 20 max bit rate capability. Test devices include graphic chipsets, monitors, televisions and VR glasses. The UCD-500 supports DP 2.0 features like Panel Replay, Adaptive Sync, DSC, FEC and LTTPR.

Compliance test tool

The UCD-500 is a reliable compliance test tool for validating DP 1.4a and DP 2.0 link layers on DP sinks and sources. DP 2.0 link layer CTS will be added when VESA releases compliance test specifications. The UCD-500 is also a compliance test tool for HDCP 2.2/2.3 on DP transmitters, receivers and repeaters.

Dolby Vision™, HDR 10 and HDR 10+

The UCD-500 is capable of playback functionality on the source side to output HDR formats such as Dolby Vision™, HDR 10 and HDR 10+ for resolutions up to 16K@60 Hz. Playback of compressed audio formats, including Dolby Atmos™, is supported.

Capturing video and SDP, including audio packets, provides data for validation of HDR and Dolby Vision.

The UCD-500 is ideal for developers of DisplayPort 2.0 silicon, VR/AR goggles, TV and gaming monitors that support HDR formats and want their products certified for Dolby Vision. New Product UCD-500

R&D and test automation

The UCD-500 supports both hands-on debugging and running extended automated test sequences. The UCD Console GUI is a preview and test application for desktop use. Each interface function has a well-structured dialog for superior at-a-glance viewability.

Unigraf TSI is test software API that provides the system integrator a fast and reliable way to ensure the functionality of the tested equipment.

UCD-500 highlights

  • DP 1.4a and DP 2.0 link layer CTS tool for sinks and sources
  • Support for HDCP 2.2/2.3, including compliance testing
  • 16K reference DP sink and source
  • 10/13.5/20 Gb/s link rates
  • Playback and capture Dolby Atmos, Dolby Vision, HDR 10 and HDR 10+
  • MST (4 streams)
  • DSC, FEC and LTTPR
  • Panel Replay and Adaptive Sync

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About Unigraf

Unigraf is a leading video electronics testing company based in Finland. Unigraf specializes in hardware and software test tools for testing USB-C™, DisplayPort™, and HDMI™ interfaces. Unigraf’s technological strengths are a deep understanding of the aforementioned interfaces in R&D, test automation and compliance test environments. The world’s leading electronics manufacturers use Unigraf’s tools to test smartphones, laptops, tablets, monitors and more in the R&D development phase and production line testing.

New Product UCD-500


New Supplier – Germany-Based FRT GMBH

ACA TMetrix is pleased to announce that we now have a new supplier—Germany-based FRT, one of the fastest growing metrology suppliers in the semiconductor industry. Our agreement with FRT gives us exclusive rights to the sale of FRT products in Canada.

A FormFactor company

In fall 2019 long-time ACA TMetrix supplier FormFactor acquired FRT, strengthening FormFactor’s leadership in test and measurement by expanding its market into 3D surface metrology and extending the optical applications scope of its engineering systems business.

FRT metrological surface measuring systems

FRT offers a comprehensive range of metrological surface measuring systems for the non-destructive investigation of topography, profile, film thickness, roughness, abrasion and many other properties. More than 500 international companies from the automotive, semiconductor, MEMS, optical, photovoltaic and many other industries equip their R&D and production departments with FRT metrology systems.

MicroProf® series

FRT’s metrological surface measuring systems can help solve the most challenging measurement tasks—even those at the edge of what is physically possible. FRT’s powerful multi-sensor measuring instruments, led by its flagship MicroProf® series, provide non-contact and non-destructive measurement of roughness, profiles, topography and film thickness. In modern 3D surface metrology, the MicroProf® by FRT is the global standard for conducting a wide range of measurement tasks quickly, efficiently and intuitively.

MicroProf series

With FRT’s multi-sensor technology, different optical measuring methods can be combined in one tool. The MicroProf® enables a fast overview measurement of the entire sample, as well as high-resolution detail measurements. The measuring ranges can vary from meters to sub-nanometers. With FRT software, the measuring tasks are individually configured and implemented either manually or fully automatically.

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Germany-Based FRT GMBH

FormFactor Upcoming Webinar Series

About FormFactor Beaverton Inc.

FormFactor Beaverton Inc. (NASDAQ:FORM) is a leading provider of essential test and measurement technologies along the full IC life cycle – from characterization, modeling, reliability, and design de-bug, to qualification and production test.Semiconductor companies rely upon our products and services to accelerate profitability by optimizing device performance and advancing yield knowledge.

Webinar Dates & Topics:

  • July 30 @ 10:00 am PST — RF Advanced Wafer Probing REGISTER
  • Aug 6 @ 10:00 am PST — RF Basics REGISTER
  • Aug 13 @ 10:00 am PST — Silicon Photonics Probing REGISTER

Watch for more details!

Webinar : Tmetrix and Hioki -Leakage Current Measurement Testing

Description In this webinar, Hioki will present the basics of current leak testing and will give a special consideration to current leak testing of medical devices. Current leak requirements for medical devices are much more stringent than for commercial devices since the device often come into direct contact with the patients and healthcare workers. For medical devices such as ventilators, leakage current must not exceed a defined threshold for a variety of electrical fault conditions.

To meet these challenges, Hioki developed a suite of test instruments and management software, and attendees will learn about the patented technologies that enable users to preform medical leakage current tests faster and more reliable than with the competing products.

Time May 28, 2020 10:00 am in Central Time (US and Canada)

MR8827 image_1


Chris Scholz
Product Manager @Hioki USA Corporation
Before joining Hioki, he was a product manager with R&S where he was responsible for the vector network analyzer product portfolio. He holds a Ph.D., in Electrical Engineering/Optical Communications and a MS in Aerospace Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

ACA TMetrix Inc. is a leading Canadian distributor of test and measurement instruments and design tools. For over 55 years we have provided products manufactured by the world’s leading instrument manufacturers. Leading Distributor of Design Tools and Test Equipment in Canada

Together with suppliers, TMetrix offers customers complete technical and logistical assistance and training. This includes seminars led by the world’s leading experts, pre- and post-sales technical support, warranty and language help, instrument repair and calibration, currency conversion and assistance gaining various electrical safety certification marks. We strive for continual enhancement of our offerings through unparalleled customer service and support.

The TMetrix team of sales engineers and technicians are trained to the highest standards of the manufacturer while staff members provide bilingual support across Canada.

Our prices are global with no hidden costs and include importation, currency, customs brokerage, warranty support and modifications that may be required for CSA or Hydro approval.

The company is a subsidiary of Allan Crawford Associates (ACA), one of Canada’s largest distributors of imaging, embedded computing, test equipment, scientific instrumentation and custom-engineered solutions.

Tmetrix and Hioki -Leakage Current Webinar

Application: Operational Testing of Multiple-circuit Protective Relays

Protective equipment at power plants and electrical substations detect earth faults and lightning strikes and issue instruction signals to circuit breakers for them to trip when the situation calls for it. For this reason, equipment such as protective relays must be regularly maintained and ready to serve when needed.
Maintenance work includes the verification of correct operation, which can be done using a data acquisition device or waveform recorder that can simultaneously measure control and operating signals for multiple circuits. DAQs also capture operating signal timing while using a command signal as the reference.
As protective equipment become more complex, so do the number of control circuits, and a measuring instrument that can capture data from multiple channels is indispensable.  The Hioki MR8827 Memory HiCorder presents a solution by delivering the following benefits:
  • High-speed, simultaneous sampling across multiple channels
  • Maximum 32 analog + 32 logic channels
  • Capture signals from multiple circuits with voltages ranging from high to low

Read the entire application note here.

Gauss Instruments’ TDEMI ULTRA and EM164k

Real-time, Radiocommunication and 5G Measurements —DC to Terahertz Frequency Range

DC – 40 GHz. That’s the frequency in which Gauss Instruments’ TDEMI ULTRA is available—unless you want to extend it up to the Terahertz frequency range. Yes, that’s what external mixers can do for the TDEMI ULTRA—and for you.

Gauss Instruments’ TDEMI ULTRA

TDEMI ULTRA and external mixers

The outstanding features and advantages of the largest real-time bandwidth in the T&M market, as well as the ability to perform ultra-fast measurements, are available throughout the frequency range through the use of external mixers. This means that TDEMI ULTRA applications are not limited to ultra-fast EMI measurements, but also include radio communication testing, especially the testing of signals and frequency bands and measurements for 5G applications.

Gauss Instruments’ TDEMI ULTRA

Digital demodulation and emission measurement of an EUT in the range above 4GHz

The 685 MHz real-time bandwidth of the TDEMI ULTRA can display a fully gapless spectrogram with 300 ps POI, evaluate IQ data and perform digital demodulation. With this set-up 5G testing can be done in accordance with FCC standards. Compared with other 5G measurement solutions, the TDEMI ULTRA accelerates measurements tremendously. When combined with Gauss Instruments’ Automation Software Suite EM164k, additional novel evaluation tools and features are available, further simplifying daily testing work.

By using the TDEMI ULTRA’s unique real-time scanning feature, a measurement can be performed, displayed and recorded in the spectrogram mode over a range of several GHz in real time. By approaching the THz range, as well as with its real-time scanning capabilities, the TDEMI ULTRA opens the door to recording and visualization, exceeding current requirements for 5G testing and laying the foundation for the future.

The vast amount of recorded measurement data provides extraordinary characterization, documentation and evaluation possibilities. With the Automation Software Suite EMI64k, angle, radiation, height and polarization per frequency point can all be displayed.

In addition to their unrivaled technological advantages and range of applications, the TDEMI ULTRA and Automation Software Suite EMI64k provide significant economic benefits. By reducing overall test times and providing full EUT characterization, it’s possible to reduce testing and development costs, and to accelerate the time-to-market process of your products—all while increasing testing quality.

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Gauss Instruments’ EMI64k Automation Software: Fully Automated Emissions Measurements

Gauss Instruments’ TDEMI family of EMI receivers provides an expansive, fully CISPR-compliant, real-time bandwidth that allows you to dramatically—and simultaneously— accelerate your measurements and reduce measurement uncertainty. By using Gauss Instruments’ full automation software suite EMI164k, test procedures can be configured in accordance with the CISPR 16-2-3 standard for FFT-based measuring instruments. Compared to previous pre-scan and final measurement strategies, this greatly increases overall test quality—and reduces test times by orders of magnitude.

Previously, pre-scan and final scan test procedures were performed to reduce overall test times. Today, Gauss Instruments’ offers a novel real-time scanning feature for the TDEMI X test receiver series that provides a real-time bandwidth spanning several Gigahertz, allowing final optimization to be performed at all frequencies—simultaneously, in just one step.

With a newly designed, very powerful hardware module, such measurements across several Gigahertz can be done in the real-time spectrum analyzer mode. In the 1-18 GHz frequency range all frequency points can be directly measured at a very high resolution in time and the results can be optimized instantly.

Over the entire frequency range the results are displayed in real time. Detectors’ peak, average and RMS are all available in this mode. What’s more, video bandwidths required in accordance with the standards can be applied. Of course, all measurements in accordance with the standards CISPR 16-1-1 MIL 461 and DO 160, as well as many other national and international standards, are fully covered.

Automated Emissions Measurements

EMI64 graphical user interface

For the first time, a typical measurement in the 1-18 GHz range can be scanned in real time by testing with Gauss Instruments’ TDEMI X receiver. The DUT is rotated in just one continuous movement and the angular position and the maximum level of emission are recorded. All requirements of CISPR 16-2-3, ANSI and FCC standards are met by the TDEMI X receiver.

Automated Emissions Measurements_1

Full 3D radiation pattern of the DUT

The upshot of all this is that EMC testing can now be more sustainable. For example, it is now possible to create an entire database and documentation with radiation patterns, test procedures and casing construction, as well as with much more information. Newly developed products and designs can be tested right from the beginning to make sure all required limits are met. This allows you to reduce the time and money you spend in the development, design and final market certification processes.

The EMI164k is not limited to CISPR applications. It also performs measurements in accordance with FCC and ANSI, or MIL-461 and DO-160 standards!

The TDEMI receiver family is ideal for all kinds of tests and applications, starting with pre-compliance, ultra-compact and mobile receivers right up to high-end EMI test solutions with up to 685 MHz real-time bandwidth and 40 GHz real-time scanning—all with the lowest noise floor available in the receiver and real-time analyzer market.

Thanks to the modular architecture of Gauss Instruments’ TDEMI EMI receivers, as well as the EMI164k automation software suite, ACA TMetrix can provide an optimized, cost-effective software solution tailored to your requirements.

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