December 2020 Newsletter

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Brent Gibbs joins the ACA TMetrix Inc. family

Brent is a seasoned sales professional and Electrical Technologist with more than 20 years of experience working with customers across Western Canada. His understanding of industrial process, control and automation, predictive maintenance technologies and test and measurement systems make him an asset to any business.

Regatron G5_RSS_Next Generation

NEW! G5 RSS Programmable Regenerative DC Power Supplies

A new generation! The new G5.RSS series features high control dynamics, an exceptional accuracy, a nominal output voltage of up to 3000 VDC, and a wide current-voltage range with an auto-ranging factor of 3 geared to get the best value!

Regenerative Grid Simulators

REGATRON’s 3-in-1 full 4-Quadrant, Regenerative, Bidirectional Source & Sink Grid Simulators (Grid Simulator, Power Amplifier and AC load)‎ of the series TC.ACS are of a precisely engineered, high quality, modular design.

Regatron Grid SimulationS.png


With next generation test capabilities, anti-arcing solutions, wafer automation, and support for both engineering probes and production probe cards, the TESLA200 now enables complete thermal testing (-55°C to 300 °C) with fully-automatic thinned/warped/TAIKO wafer loading. One system covers all on-wafer high power test needs, from R&D to niche production.


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Unigraf, a leading provider of test tools for video electronics manufacturers and ACA TMetrix Inc. will be hosting an in-depth technical webinar on innovations and milestones in the industry for HDMI, DisplayPort and USB-C in 2021. Watch for upcoming details.



Utilizing embedded microprocessor technology to provide advanced performance and functionality, the GENESYS+™ series has the highest power density and lightest weight available for its size with a comprehensive set of user-friendly interfaces.
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December 2020 Newsletter

Regatron Grid Simulators TC.ACS Series

Regatron Grid Simulators

grid simulatorTC.ACS is a series of full-digital, full-4-quadrant, 3-phase AC power sources. Each TC.ACS unit in the series has exceptional programming features and represents a three-in-one configuration:

  • Versatile synthesized 3-phase grid simulator with four fully controlled active outputs.
  • Built-in full 4-quadrant 1 to 3-phase power amplifier with three independent and galvanic isolated amplifier inputs.
  • Programmable RLC-load mode (electronic AC load with grid recuperation) to substitute for real and bulky resistors, inductors and capacitors.

The multi-level inverter technology opens up a wide base frequency range from DC up to 1000Hz—and an exceptionally high modulation bandwidth of 5 kHz. This allows for the exact reproduction of harmonic distortion up to the 100th harmonic @ 50 Hz or the 83th harmonic @ 60Hz. The system can be easily adapted to tasks in R+D, the laboratory, end-of-line testing and education.

TC.ACS applications

With the application software ACSControl, the user can program:

  • Variation of basic system voltages and frequency
  • Settings of phase relationship
  • Voltage drops in the whole network or individual drops per phase
  • Micro ruptures and flickers
  • Over- and under voltages
  • Voltage asymmetries
  • Superimposed harmonic and interharmonic voltage waveforms
  • Variation of phase angles
  • Special conditions for EMC testing
  • Transition from feeding to recuperation operation and vice versa
  • Analyses of energy flow

TC.ACS applications.png


The modular structure based on 30 kVA or 50 kVA units allows for a flexible adaptation to the customer’s power requirements. Systems of up to 1000kVA can be set up by simply connecting basic units in a parallel mode. The hardware operates in all four quadrants and can fully refed into the power system. The system also enables testing power feedback units and operation of linear and nonlinear feeding systems for measuring and evaluation purposes. Operation in single phase mode is also possible down to DC mode.

Grid Simulators

User Software ACSControl

The tailor-made software tool ACSControl allows the operator either to:

  • Manually operate the system, or;
  • Program and run automated test sequences and to use the functionality of data acquisition of the system.

TC.ACS Grid Simulators

  • Compact and completely modular design
  • High effectivity in all operation modes
  • Can use an existing liquid cooling system directly
  • Optional matched liquid-to-air cooling unit TC.LAE available
  • Possibility of upgrading to systems of up to 1 MVA
  • High level of system dynamics, ≤ 5 kHz modulation bandwidth
  • Non-restrictive capability of refeeding in the Q4 operation mode
  • Possibility of operating as an autonomous 4-Q and 3-phase quasi-analogue amplifier
  • Possibility of “Hardware-in-the loop”-operation (HIL mode)
  • User friendly application software with pre-configured test patterns
  • Possibility of integrating into a complete SAS simulation and test system
  • Galvanic isolation available as an option without derating the simulator port data
  • Three different operation modes:
    a) Programmable Grid Simulator
    b) Remote operated 4Q AC voltage amplifier
    c) Electronic AC-load featuring programmable RLC load impedance


TC.ACS Grid Simulators made by Regatron AG can, for example, be operated as a self-contained system for comprehensive testing of solar and additive energy inverters. In the field of power test and development labs the high degree of programmability allows all imaginable grid situations and evaluation procedures to be established.

TC.ACS is the ideal tool for all R&D and simulation work.

Tesla T200 200mm manual/ semi-automated on-wafer power device characterization system

Tesla T200 200mm manual

Tesla T200 Overview

The Tesla T200 200mm semi-automatic power device characterization system provides a complete on-wafer solution for over-temperature, low-contact resistance measurements of power semiconductors up to 3,000 V (triax)/10,000 V (coax) and 200 A (pulsed)/10 A (DC). It does this while providing a low-noise, fully guarded and shielded test environment, as well as a certified safety interlock system integrated with an ergonomic clear enclosure or infrared laser light curtain.

Tesla T200 Key Features

Tesla T200

Seamless integration

  • Convenient instrument connection kits
  • Seamless integration between Velox and analyzers/measurement software
  • Easy and safe system integration with Keysight and Keithley power device analyzers

MicroVac™ chuck

  • 495 uniformly distributed vacuum micro-holes
  • Gold-plated, high-power chuck surface
  • Thin-wafer handling capability
  • Low electrical and thermal contact resistance across the entire wafer
  • Prevents thin wafers from curling and breaking

MicroVac™ chuck.png




  • Regulatory-certified probing environment
  • Safety interlock system with clear enclosure or light curtain
  • Fully guarded and shielded test environment
  • Operator safety during measurements
  • Protects device and instrumentation from high-voltage discharge

Ease of use

  • Roll-out stage
  • Full wafer access and easy wafter loading/unloading



Ease of use

Velox probe station

Velox probe station control software

  • User-centered design minimizes training costs, enhances efficiency
  • Windows 10 compatibility enables highest performance and safe operation with state-of-the art software
  • Comprehensive alignment functions
  • Simplified operation for inexperienced users
Tesla T200 200mm

TMetrix Presents Hioki Webinar


In this webinar, we will discuss the frequently observed power anomalies in the field, and present the basics of power quality analysis along with international power quality standards.

We will also present to you how remote data collection from the field can be made possible, which comes in handy during this COVID-19 period and how our complimentary software can become a powerful and effective power consumption and powerful monitoring tool.


Chris ShozChris Sholz

Product Manager @Hioki

Before joining Hioki, he was a product manager with R&S where he was responsible for the vector network analyzer product portfolio. He holds a Ph.D., in Electrical Engineering/Optical Communications and an MS in Aerospace Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Tomohide TsukasakiTomohide Tsukasaki

Application Engineer @Hioki

Tomohide Tsukasaki has been with Hioki as an Application Engineer for 5 years and prior to joining our team, he was an Application Engineer with the National Instrument Japan for 8 years. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemical engineering from Waseda University and MS in Environmental Engineering from the University of Florida and the University of California-Davis.

Ihsan DalgicIhsan Dalgic

Application Engineer @Hioki

Ihsan is an Application Engineer for Hioki USA and comes with long years of experience in the engineering field. Before joining Hioki, he was a Semiconductor Test Engineer II with Maxim Integrated for 8 years and an Applications Engineer with DFW Test Inc. for 13 years. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the Trinity College Dublin.



TMetrix Presents Hioki Webinar

Free Demo/Evaluation TDEMI Ultra from Gauss Instruments

The TDEMI Ultra series is a novel new product line from Gauss Instruments that delivers the most powerful measurement equipment on the market for emission testing. To help our customers fully experience this groundbreaking series of receivers TMetrix is now offering a free one-week trial—that includes technical training—to get you started.



The TDEMI Ultra series is based on Gauss Instruments’ unrivaled and patented TDEMI® real-time technology that offers the best RF performance and the lowest noise floor. Special features include:

  • Up to 685 MHz real-time bandwidth
  • Up to 40 GHz real-time scanning
  • Ultrafast receiver scanning
  • Ultrafast stepped scanning
  • 12V supply and battery pack
  • Intuitive and easy to operate

Call to schedule your free demo/evaluation of the fastest FFT-based receiver on the planet.

TMetrix Resource Centre Now Live

TMetrix is pleased to announce that our Resource Centre, housed on our website, is now live. Click on Resource Centre to sign up for free access to content that highlights— via media such as videos, webinars, and white papers—exceptional products from our brands and critical information that could be a difference maker for your company.

Below we highlight new Resource Centre content for your perusal.

  • Video on the AE Techron 8500 Series of amplifiers
  • Webinar on Hioki safety testing for medical equipment
  • White paper on “Test Setup Optimization and Automation for Accurate Silicon Photonics Wafer Acceptance Production Tests” published in the 2020 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON MICROELECTRONIC TEST STRUCTURES

New Product UCD-500 • DisplayPort 2.0 Video Generator and Analyzer

ACA TMetrix is pleased to introduce Unigraf’s UCD-500, a new video generator and analyzer unit for testing DisplayPortTM 2.0 sinks and sources up to 8K@60Hz (16K@60 Hz with DSC) video modes with UHBR 20 max bit rate capability. Test devices include graphic chipsets, monitors, televisions and VR glasses. The UCD-500 supports DP 2.0 features like Panel Replay, Adaptive Sync, DSC, FEC and LTTPR.

Compliance test tool

The UCD-500 is a reliable compliance test tool for validating DP 1.4a and DP 2.0 link layers on DP sinks and sources. DP 2.0 link layer CTS will be added when VESA releases compliance test specifications. The UCD-500 is also a compliance test tool for HDCP 2.2/2.3 on DP transmitters, receivers and repeaters.

Dolby Vision™, HDR 10 and HDR 10+

The UCD-500 is capable of playback functionality on the source side to output HDR formats such as Dolby Vision™, HDR 10 and HDR 10+ for resolutions up to 16K@60 Hz. Playback of compressed audio formats, including Dolby Atmos™, is supported.

Capturing video and SDP, including audio packets, provides data for validation of HDR and Dolby Vision.

The UCD-500 is ideal for developers of DisplayPort 2.0 silicon, VR/AR goggles, TV and gaming monitors that support HDR formats and want their products certified for Dolby Vision. New Product UCD-500

R&D and test automation

The UCD-500 supports both hands-on debugging and running extended automated test sequences. The UCD Console GUI is a preview and test application for desktop use. Each interface function has a well-structured dialog for superior at-a-glance viewability.

Unigraf TSI is test software API that provides the system integrator a fast and reliable way to ensure the functionality of the tested equipment.

UCD-500 highlights

  • DP 1.4a and DP 2.0 link layer CTS tool for sinks and sources
  • Support for HDCP 2.2/2.3, including compliance testing
  • 16K reference DP sink and source
  • 10/13.5/20 Gb/s link rates
  • Playback and capture Dolby Atmos, Dolby Vision, HDR 10 and HDR 10+
  • MST (4 streams)
  • DSC, FEC and LTTPR
  • Panel Replay and Adaptive Sync

For more information or to request a quote, please contact us.

About Unigraf

Unigraf is a leading video electronics testing company based in Finland. Unigraf specializes in hardware and software test tools for testing USB-C™, DisplayPort™, and HDMI™ interfaces. Unigraf’s technological strengths are a deep understanding of the aforementioned interfaces in R&D, test automation and compliance test environments. The world’s leading electronics manufacturers use Unigraf’s tools to test smartphones, laptops, tablets, monitors and more in the R&D development phase and production line testing.

New Product UCD-500


New Supplier – Germany-Based FRT GMBH

ACA TMetrix is pleased to announce that we now have a new supplier—Germany-based FRT, one of the fastest growing metrology suppliers in the semiconductor industry. Our agreement with FRT gives us exclusive rights to the sale of FRT products in Canada.

A FormFactor company

In fall 2019 long-time ACA TMetrix supplier FormFactor acquired FRT, strengthening FormFactor’s leadership in test and measurement by expanding its market into 3D surface metrology and extending the optical applications scope of its engineering systems business.

FRT metrological surface measuring systems

FRT offers a comprehensive range of metrological surface measuring systems for the non-destructive investigation of topography, profile, film thickness, roughness, abrasion and many other properties. More than 500 international companies from the automotive, semiconductor, MEMS, optical, photovoltaic and many other industries equip their R&D and production departments with FRT metrology systems.

MicroProf® series

FRT’s metrological surface measuring systems can help solve the most challenging measurement tasks—even those at the edge of what is physically possible. FRT’s powerful multi-sensor measuring instruments, led by its flagship MicroProf® series, provide non-contact and non-destructive measurement of roughness, profiles, topography and film thickness. In modern 3D surface metrology, the MicroProf® by FRT is the global standard for conducting a wide range of measurement tasks quickly, efficiently and intuitively.

MicroProf series

With FRT’s multi-sensor technology, different optical measuring methods can be combined in one tool. The MicroProf® enables a fast overview measurement of the entire sample, as well as high-resolution detail measurements. The measuring ranges can vary from meters to sub-nanometers. With FRT software, the measuring tasks are individually configured and implemented either manually or fully automatically.

For more information or to request a quote, please contact us.

Germany-Based FRT GMBH

Application: Operational Testing of Multiple-circuit Protective Relays

Protective equipment at power plants and electrical substations detect earth faults and lightning strikes and issue instruction signals to circuit breakers for them to trip when the situation calls for it. For this reason, equipment such as protective relays must be regularly maintained and ready to serve when needed.
Maintenance work includes the verification of correct operation, which can be done using a data acquisition device or waveform recorder that can simultaneously measure control and operating signals for multiple circuits. DAQs also capture operating signal timing while using a command signal as the reference.
As protective equipment become more complex, so do the number of control circuits, and a measuring instrument that can capture data from multiple channels is indispensable.  The Hioki MR8827 Memory HiCorder presents a solution by delivering the following benefits:
  • High-speed, simultaneous sampling across multiple channels
  • Maximum 32 analog + 32 logic channels
  • Capture signals from multiple circuits with voltages ranging from high to low

Read the entire application note here.