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Nexio CAPITOLE-RF : Antenna design software

Nexio CAPITOLE-RF : Antenna design software

  • Fast: ACA compression and parallelization allow to speed up the calculation
  • Accurate: Fully validated with measurement results on real mock-up
  • Innovative: New method from research labs
  • Powerful: Compute very large models
  • Easy: Dedicated graphical user interface with modern layout



Introducing the Nexio CAPITOLE-RF : Antenna design software

Designer component:

  • Antenna library
  • Complex antenna design
  • Geometry importation from CAD software
  • Mesh generation

Antenna placement Optimization:

  • Coupling between antennas on a structure
  • Radiation hazard, ICNIRP guidelines for limiting exposure


  • Impedance
  • 3D Pattern or 2D cut
  • Gain / Directivity / VSWR
  • Reflexion coefficient
  • Frequency bandwidth
  • Coupling
  • Electromagnetic field: E and H
Nexio CAPITOLE-RF : Antenna design software

Nexio CAPITOLE-RF : Antenna design software

Key Features

Software resulting from innovative projects

PEA IASP (2008-10)

  • Antennas on naval platform

CAPITOLE-EM (2012-14)

  • Antennas with dielectric material (patch)
  • Validation with measurement in anechoïc chamber

CAPITOLE-HPC (2012-13)

  • Solver on supercomputer for large model


Key Benefits

POSTPRO3D composent:

  • Results analysis
  • Polar and cartesian 2D plots
  • 3D pattern display
  • Curves comparison, annotations
  • Surface current’s display
  • Display of Electric and magnetic field mapping
  • Image exportation
  • Export data in CSV format


  • Standard license
  • License with Customized development


  • Support
  • Maintenance
  • Training



  • Based on Method of Moments (MoM)
  • Triangle and wire mesh elements
  • Matrix compression: Adaptive Cross Approximation algorithm (ACA)

Nexio CAPITOLE-RF : Antenna design software

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