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Nexio EMC Test Automation (BAT-EMC)

Nexio EMC Test Automation (BAT-EMC)

  • Unique user interface for all tests
  • Independent from any measuring device manufacturers
  • Free drivers and over 500 supported devices
  • Efficient and dedicated Technical support
  • Wide range of supported standards (ENxx, CISPR, AUTOMOTIVE, DO160, …)
  • Interface Agilent VEE™, WindowsLabView™, LabWindows CVI™, Visual C++
  • Operating system: Win XP, Vista, Seven, Windows 8
  • Report in MS Office™ 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, Open office



Introducing the Nexio EMC Test Automation (BAT-EMC)

Test software

NEXIO’s software success is based on the combination of leading-edge technology in automation software, a user-friendly interface, and the high level of expertise in electromagnetic and RF testing by the dedicated staff. NEXIO’s customers are among the top companies in the world in every major market sector ranging from aerospace & defense, aviation, automotive, multimedia, information technology, medical, home appliances, and so on. We are also the software of choice for some of the world’s top accredited labs.


Nexio EMC Test Automation (BAT-EMC)

Nexio EMC Test Automation (BAT-EMC)

Key Features

Our star product, BAT-EMC, is a world leader in automated test software. World’s top accredited Labs and top Industries Leader are equipped with BAT-EMC. BAT-EMC is used in more than 20 countries worldwide (Germany, USA, China, Japan, Canada, Mexico…). Other star products are BAT-SCANNER (near field measurements), and BAT-ELEC (for burst, surge, transients, etc.).

Key Benefits

Flexible, easy to use and completely independent from any measuring device or systems manufacturers, BAT EMC answers to the increasing productivity and quality requirements of EMC tests and is now widely used in private laboratories and industrial groups in the civil, automotive, military and aerospace sectors worldwide.

Nexio EMC Test Automation (BAT-EMC)

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