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FormFactor Cascade Light Wave Probe

FormFactor Cascade Light Wave Probe

Multi-Configurable Optical Probe for Photonic Device Characterization

  • Flexibility and ease of use
    • Field-replaceable fibers optimized for a variety of applications
    • Wafer mapping capability and visual display of key parameters
  • Accuracy
    • Patented contact protection design ensures fast, accurate, and repeatable measurements at the wafer and substrate level
    • Minimized electrical parasitics for at-speed testing
  • Compatibility
    • Standard FC type fiber-optic connector
    • Compatible with FormFactor probe stations and accessories




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Light Wave Probe Overview

The LWP series Lightwave Probe enables optical measurements for on-wafer and hybrid photonics devices. It features user replaceable fiber pigtails allowing the probe to be optimized for a variety of light delivery and light collection applications including the characterization of topside illuminated photodiodes, Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers (VCSELs), hybrid transmitters and receivers, and LEDs.

The LWP probe can illuminate and collect optical signals used in the characterization of a variety of photonic devices. When combined with FormFactor’s probe stations and RF/DC probes, the LWP probe can provide modulation, spectral, time domain and low-level LIV measurements.

The choice of field-replaceable fiber pigtail depends on the required illumination pattern or collection efficiency. The fiber pigtails are available as single-mode or multi-mode with either a lensed or cleaved end face. The lensed fiber pigtails provide high numerical aperture (NA) illumination and collect light with extremely low back-reflection. The lensed single-mode fiber can provide an illumination area as small as 5 μm. The multi-mode pigtails are well suited for high-efficiency collection of light.


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