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FormFactor PLC50

FormFactor PLC50

100 mm manual cryogenic probe system

  • Specially designed for laboratory environments
  • Different substrate carriers for wafers up to 100 mm or single dies
  • Probe positioners placed inside vacuum chamber
  • Excellent measurement accuracy and repeatability
  • Simple microscope operation
  • Comfortable and easy operation
  • Fast, manual step-and-repeat testing of the whole wafer
  • Simultaneous contacting and separation of all probes


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Introducing the FormFactor PLC50

The PLC50 is the most cost-effective and simple, yet highly-precise probing solution for wafers and substrates up to 80 mm at cryogenic temperatures. Specially designed for laboratory requirements, it supports a wide range of applications, including I-V, C-V and RF, and can be used for probing down to 77 K with liquid nitrogen or 7 K with liquid helium. Application flexibility is ensured for DC and RF measurements of the latest silicon, compound semiconductor and superconductor devices. RF tests are supported by a wide range of probes, calibration substrates and other accessories, as well as WinCal XE™ calibration software. The unique LRRM, LRM+, NIST-style TRL and hybrid calibration methods are available with the WinCal XE wafer-level calibration and measurement software.

The PLC50 is equipped with a stable vibration isolating frame. The high-vacuum chamber with a hinged topside lid and an optical window made of quartz glass contains flanges for vacuum-tight mechanical feedthrough drives. Thus the chuck and up to six vacuum-type positioners can be easily operated from outside via cardan shaft. The high-vacuum pumping system consists of a wide-range Turbo-Molecular Pump (TMP), a diaphragm forepump, and a full-range vacuum gauge. The independently-cooled cryogenic shield ensures ice- and condensation-free probing.



FormFactor PLC50

FormFactor PLC50

Key Features


  • Different substrate carriers for wafers up to 100 mm or single dies
  • Up to six positioners
  • Use with liquid nitrogen or helium, depending on the target temperature
  • Probing with an open chamber lid possible under atmospheric condition
  • Specially designed for laboratory environments
  • Covers wide range of measurements (I-V, C-V, RF, MEMS, OPTO)


  • Independently cooled cold shield
  • Probe positioners placed inside vacuum chamber
  • Short and stable probe arms
  • Solid station frame with built-in vibration-isolation
  • Ice- and condensation-free probing down to 77 K (liquid nitrogen) or below 7 K (liquid helium)
  • Precise probe positioning
  • Excellent measurement accuracy and repeatability
  • Superior vibration attenuation

Ease of Use

  • Ergonomic and straightforward design
  • Simple microscope operation
  • Hinged topside lid
  • Comfortable and easy operation
  • Quick and ergonomic change of DUT
  • Topside access to probes and samples

High measurement throughput

  • Independent control of linear chuck stage and positioners
  • Contact/separation stroke for probe platen
  • Fast, manual step-and-repeat testing of the whole wafer
  • Simultaneous contacting and separation of all probes

Key Benefits

Applications: IV/CV, RF/mmW, Opto, MEMS


Cryogenic Systems

The use of on-wafer superconducting materials, other novel materials and traditional semiconductors at cryogenic temperatures (below about 123K, or -150°C) has risen markedly in recent years. Inventive new sensors take advantage of unique material properties at very low temperatures to detect a wide variety of physical phenomena such as infrared radiation, magnetic fields, x-rays, and more, for application in many fields such as health care, defense, industrial automation, and astronomy.  Learn More about Cryogenic Systems


FormFactor PLC50

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Chuck Stage
X-Y travel 50 mm x 50 mm, optional 80 mm x 80 mm
Resolution 5 μm
Manipulation Linear, from outside the chamber via rotary feed thru drives
Probe Platen
Platen space Universal platen for up to six VCP110 positioners
Z contact / separation 250 μm
Manipulation From outside the chamber
Travel Swivel mechanism for moving the microscope in a safe rest position for chamber opening
Focus Manual drive
Type Video zoom microscope
Zoom 7x
Magnification 0.38x to 2.6x
Resolution 240 lp/mm to 721 lp/mm
Field of view 12.8 mm x 17.1 mm to 1.8 mm x 2.4 mm

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