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FormFactor Velox 3 Probe Station Control Software

FormFactor Velox 3 Probe Station Control Software

  • Easily create tasks
  • Obtain fast results
  • Adapts to the user’s needs and skills level
  • Reduces working time
  • Saves money!
  • Designed to operate with maximum intelligence
  • Automates workflows
  • Enables autonomous measurements


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Introducing the FormFactor Velox 3 Probe Station Control Software

Windows 10 compatible – User-centered design – Efficient and robust. Experience the new Velox™ 3 probe station control software!

Velox™ is FormFactor’s unique software suite for 200 mm and 300 mm wafer probe stations. It is the universal standard for semi- and fully-automated systems, enabling seamless communication between the user and more than 15 different platforms.

Velox reduces total cost of ownership by minimizing training efforts and providing faster time to robust and reliable data. As a key element of FormFactor’s exclusive Contact Intelligence™ technology for autonomous operation, it allows the user to perform measurement tasks faster, safer and more accurately. Velox enables safe and fast wafer loading, easy test automation and measurement system integration, while preventing costly damage of probes and probe cards throughout the entire measurement cycle.

Velox is installed on more than 600 FormFactor probe stations. Strong customer relationships and continuing advancements make Velox software the clear leader in probe station control.


FormFactor Velox 3 Probe Station Control Software

FormFactor Velox 3 Probe Station Control Software

Key Features

Floating Action Buttons

  • Easy and fast setup of camera views
  • Go to Light and Image Settings of the selected camera view with only one mouse click

Workflow Wizard

  • Guided workflows for wafer setups, alignment tools and Autonomous Assistants
  • Workflow wizard shows task-relevant settings and options only
  • Wizard settings can be corrected anytime – no need to restart the wizard
  • Wizard helps with intelligent solutions in case of error

Progress Bar

  • Visualizes the progress of setup, alignment and measurement tasks
  • Status information always at hand

Toast Notifications

  • Informs the user about events, for example “Successful Alignment”
  • Interacts with the user and helps with intelligent solutions


Key Benefits

User-centered Design with New Icons and Skins
For a modern look-and-feel we introduced a new color concept. All icons were thoroughly redesigned and are now better identifiable. Still, they are at the same place as before and instantly recognizable. Process- and safety-relevant information – such as the contact or the different stages in the Control Center – is clearly highlighted. Additionally, it is now easier to distinguish between application icons – such as Spectrum or SetupTool, and functional icons – such as AutoAlign or Light on/off.

Windows 10 Compatible
Velox 3 is designed for Windows 10. This guarantees a highest-performance and safe operation with state-of-the-art hardware and interfaces such as USB3 Vision. Additionally, the innovative, intuitive and widely-used Windows Fluent Design System is adopted for several Velox functions, such as the SetupTool.

Loader Integration
A loader can now be operated directly with Velox. There is no need for any additional software. The creation of workflows and receipts is as simple as it can get. This drastically improves the operation with fully-automated probe stations that include a loader, reducing time and training efforts.

FormFactor Velox 3 Probe Station Control Software

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Non-Stop Autonomous Semiconductor Test

With FormFactor’s unique Contact Intelligence technology, Velox 3 enables 24/7 autonomous semiconductor test. Contact Intelligence combines smart hardware design, innovative software algorithms and years of experience to create a technology that provides benefits across a wide range of applications. This allows lengthy test routines to be performed overnight or the weekend without operator intervention – even over a wide temperature range. Contact Intelligence accelerates time to accurate data, time to market and ultimately – time to profitability.

Autonomous Semiconductor

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