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PQA – HiVIEW PRO 9624-50

PQA – HiVIEW PRO 9624-50

Analyze and Graph Data Captured by Hioki Power Quality Analyzers on a Windows PC


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•Viewer function similarly at the display screen on the Model PW3198, 3197, or the 3196

•Demand, or Power integration display

•Binary data convert to CSV data

•Printing function


When analyzing measurement data (binary) on the PC with the PW3198, please use PQA-HiVIEW PRO 9624-50 version 2.0 or later. Save binary data from the PW3198 to the PC using the SD card or PC transfer, from the 3197 with a USB connection, or from the 3196 with a PC card or PC transfer.

■ Basic specifications PQA


Compatible devices




Supplied media


CD-R ×1


Operating environment


Computer running under Windows XP/Vista (32-bit), or Windows 7 (32-bit/64bit)


Data loading


PW3198: Saved binary data
3197: Saved binary data
3196: Saved binary data


Screen display


System, Time plot, Event list, Event data, Cursor function, Fluctuation graph of event voltage, Graph of event inrush currnet (at only PW3198, 3197), Integrated power, Demand


Copy function


Text data, Screen copy to clip-boad


Print function


Screen image, A4/ letter size, preview


CSV convert function


Time plot, Event waveform, Fluctuation of event voltage, Inrush current of event (at only PW3198, 3197), Flicker graph (at only PW3198, 3196), Demand, Integrated power


Report generation


Auto output: RMS voltage fluctuation graph, Worst case, Maximum/ minimum value list, Voltage total harmonic distortion percentage graph, All event waveforms, Detailed list of all events, other custom output, or detailed output

Only for the PW3198 and 3196  

[Screen display] Voltage, Transient waveform, Vector, DMM, Harmonic, Zero-, positive- and negative-phase calculations, Flicker graph, Cursor, High harmonic analysis orders (PW3198)
[Integrated power calculation] Analysis period: 1 – 35 days (PW3198)/ 31 days (3196), Graph, Consumption/ regeneration value, Cursor measurement, Maximum integrated power
[Demand calculation] Demand period: 5 – 30 minutes, 1 – 12 hours, Analysis period: 1 – 35 days (PW3198)/ 31 days (3196), Demand graph of consumption value, Average demand, Peak demand, Load ratio
[ITIC window] Event points are plotted on a tolerance curve (event duration versus swell, dip or interruption voltage percentage), Voltage percentage, Violation count display, Tolerance curve selection
[EN50160 screen] Classification by overview, harmonic, signaling detail (3196) or measurement results
[Data download] Via LAN
[Saving settings] User-defined ITIC curves, Classification settings for measurement results, or other

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