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VW 80000 / LV 124 : Battery Test Systems for 12 V | 24 V | 48 V Batteries

VW 80000 / LV 124 : Battery Test Systems for 12 V | 24 V | 48 V Batteries

  • Protocol reports
  • Generation of waveforms with synchronous data acquisition
  • Modular Expandable
  • Individual Waveform Generation
  • Standard Libraries included
  • Unlimited Waveform size
  • 2 different Waveforms synchronously
  • DLL’s for LabView, Vector CANoe / CAPL, C#, C++, ANSI C, Python, etc.
  • Simulation of imported oscilloscope waveform


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Automotive Standard LV124 (VW80000)

E-01 … E-16 

One of the main standards in the automotive industry is LV124 / VW80000. With these systems, this standard can be simulated easily. The waveform library contains all electronic waveform tests out of this specification.

 For E-17 … E-22 please ask for our fully automated Test System

Other Standards such as LV148, ISO 16750, ISO 7637, DIN 40839, GS 95024, …, Can Be Simulated Equally



Test System With Electronic Switch

E-10 / E-13 Pulses from LV124 standard

According to LV124, E-10, and E-13 pulses, inter- ruptions need to be implemented. Hereby additional electronic switches are necessary. These switches are controlled by BOLAB´s WaveMaster software and the amplifier´s built-in counter outputs.

No additional function generator is necessary. This allows to build up a fully automated HIL test system.

Test System With Electronic Switch


Variable Waveform Generation

Easy Definition Of Variations

Meanwhile, many car manufacturers extend the standard waveforms with many variable parameters in time and amplitude.

BOLAB´s comprehensive WaveMaster Software allows doing these variations easily.

Variable Waveform Generation

Unlimited Waveform Memory

Unlimited Waveform Memory


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