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VW 80300 / LV 123 / LV 148: HV Electric Vehicle Test Systems

VW 80300 / LV 123 / LV 148: HV Electric Vehicle Test Systems

BOLAB revolutionizes EV testing with powerful, flexible, and modular HV Electric Vehicle Test Systems. These solutions offer high-speed testing, covering diverse profiles and budgets. Features include a modular design, adaptability, and WaveMaster Software for custom waveforms. Benefit from efficiency, precision, and cost-efficiency in EV testing. Discover the future of high-speed testing with BOLAB’s innovative solutions.

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Introducing the VW 80300 / LV 123 / LV 148: HV Electric Vehicle Test Systems

Discover BOLAB’s innovative solutions revolutionizing High Voltage (HV) profile testing for Electric Vehicles. Offerings stand out for their remarkable power, flexibility, and modularity, presenting three distinct high-speed testing options catering to various profiles and budget needs.

VW 80300 / LV 123 / LV 148: HV Electric Vehicle Test Systems

VW 80300 / LV 123 / LV 148: HV Electric Vehicle Test Systems

Key Features

1. Modular Design:
– Initiate with a “small” 1 KW (1,000 V, 15 A) system and seamlessly expand module by module as applications evolve and budgets permit.

2. Flexibility Unleashed:
– BOLAB’s systems offer unparalleled flexibility, accommodating a wide range of standards, including LV 124, VW80000, LV 148, VDA 320, and OEM standards.
– Designed to test DC/DC converters across low- and high-voltage applications.

3. Powerful Performance:
– Covering extensive power requirements ranging from 15 kW to 200 kW, with voltages up to 1,000 V and currents from 15 A to over 400 A.

4. Compact & Mobile:
– A compact 19” rack, just 10U in height, holds our complete high-end mobile test solution for Electric Vehicles, particularly ideal for VW80000 profiles at 15 kW (1,000 V / 15 A).
– Encompasses voltage profiles for LV 124 / LV 148 / VW80000 / VDA 320 and OEM standards up to 40A.

5. High-Speed Testing:
– Unique high-end test systems that cover even Load Dump pulses, exceeding industry standards with exceptional precision and speed.

6. WaveMaster Software:
– Inclusive of a comprehensive library of standards such as LV 123, VW80300, VW80303, MBN LV123, PSA Peugeot-Citroen, Porsche, and more.
– Enables easy editing of standards and allows the creation of individual waveforms swiftly.

7. Coupling Network Transformers (CDN) Setup:
– Designed for voltage ripple tests on HV battery lines, offering an economical and straightforward solution using standard HV power supplies and powerful sine interferences.

8. High Voltage DC Power Supply + 4 Quadrant Amplifier in Series Setup:
– A flexible and versatile solution combining a high voltage power supply with our 4 quadrant amplifiers to meet a spectrum of testing needs, including Load Dump requirements.

Key Benefits

Efficiency: BOLAB’s modular design ensures an efficient and cost-effective entry into high-voltage testing, allowing gradual scalability in line with evolving requirements and financial considerations.

Adaptability: With BOLAB’s unparalleled flexibility, seamlessly transition between different standards and profiles, optimizing testing processes and saving valuable time.

Precision: Unleash the power of high-speed testing with BOLAB’s solutions, offering precise and accurate measurements, surpassing industry expectations.

Mobility & Space Optimization: Our compact and mobile solutions save space while delivering exceptional performance, ideal for diverse testing environments and VW80000 profiles.

Innovation & Customization: The WaveMaster Software facilitates innovation by enabling the creation of custom waveforms, tailored to specific testing needs, ensuring a unique approach to high voltage testing.

Cost-Efficiency: The combination of our High Voltage DC Power Supply with the 4 Quadrant Amplifier provides a cost-effective solution, optimizing resources and providing flexibility in testing scenarios.

BOLAB’s HV Electric Vehicle Test Systems redefine the landscape of high-speed testing, setting new standards in adaptability, precision, and efficiency. Embrace the future of EV testing with BOLAB’s modular and flexible solutions.

VW 80300 / LV 123 / LV 148: HV Electric Vehicle Test Systems

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