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Unigraf UCD-400 DisplayPort™ & HBR3 Video Generator and Analyzer

Unigraf UCD-400 DisplayPort™ & HBR3 Video Generator and Analyzer

  • VESA Certified DP 1.4 Link Layer CTS Test Tool
  • DCP Approved HDCP 2.3 CTS Tool
  • 8K and 4K Reference Sink, Source & Repeater
  • DP 1.4 / HBR3 input and output in one unit
  • USB-C input and output with supplied converter cable
  • MST support (4 streams)
  • DSC Sink, FEC and LTTPR support
  • HDCP 1.3 and HDCP 2.3 support
  • High level API for easy integration


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Introducing the Unigraf UCD-400 DisplayPort™ & HBR3 Video Generator and Analyzer

Test 8K

UCD-400 is an interface test unit for verifying DisplayPort™ interfaces up to 8K@30 Hz and 4K@120 Hz video modes. It is a flexible and robust tool either via a GUI on a laboratory desktop or via automated
functional tests. The associated software provides the user access to the vital parameters and controls needed when evaluating the various functions of the interface.

For R&D and Test Automation

UCD-400 supports both hands-on debugging and running extended automated test sequences. UCD Console GUI is a preview and test application for desktop use. Each interface function has a wellstructured dialog for superior at-a-glance viewability.

Unigraf TSI is a test software API that provides the system integrator a fast and reliable way for ensuring the functionality of the tested equipment.

Validation Tool

UCD-400 is platform for both DP 1.4 Link Layer and HDCP 2.3 Compliance Tests. You can use the same unit for testing both sink and source DUT. Capability for testing Repeaters will be added later. The unit supports FEC, DSC Sink and LTTPR. Please contact Unigraf for details.


Unigraf UCD-400  DisplayPort™ & HBR3 Video Generator and Analyzer

Unigraf UCD-400  DisplayPort™ & HBR3 Video Generator and Analyzer

Key Features

Product selection

HW • UCD-400 Test Tool
SW • HDCP 2.3 CTS Testing
SW • DP 1.4 LL CTS Options
SW • R/D Debugging
Hardware Options

Key Benefits

UCD Console GUI

The graphical user interface for R&D debugging is called UCD Console. It provides the user with a flexible way of navigating between the interface based roles of the device and
the functionalities of each role.

UCD Console features a preview window for the received video and audio, monitoring and controls for the link parameters and built-in pattern generator in UCD-400.

UCD Console also features an EDID editor and access to the state and control of HDCP function.

UCD Console is the user interface for DP 1.4 Link Layer and HDCP 2.3 Compliance Test tools.

High Level Test Functions

Unigraf high-level test software interface TSI (Test System Interface) provides the System Integrator a set of reliable and short cycle time interface specific tests. TSI readily implements the low-level procedures needed for verifying the various functions of the tested interface and the required software integration is minimal.


Unigraf UCD-400  DisplayPort™ & HBR3 Video Generator and Analyzer

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Input DP 1.4 (8K@30 Hz / 4K@120 Hz)
Output DP 1.4 (8K@30 Hz / 4K@120 Hz)
Content Protection HDCP 2.3, HDCP 1.3
DSC Capability DSC 1.2a sink support
Support RGB / YCbCr up to 12 bits
per component
24 slices, max width 7680 pixels
Up to 8K@60 Hz
Additional features MST*
DP 1.4 LL CTS*
Computer Interface Verify functionality of USB Type-C
interface signals (VBUS, GROUND,
CC1/2, SBU1/2).
Computer Interface USB 3.0
Operating System Windows 10, 8 and 7
Software UCD Console GUI
TSI API with interface specific Test Sets
Power Input +12 Vdc (AC/DC converter included)
Module Size 272 x 170 x 60 mm
Weight 1.2 kg





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