Hioki Launches RM3542A Resistance Meter

Instrument can measure the resistance of minuscule (0201 size) electronic components Hioki Launches RM3542A Resistance Meter

Hioki is pleased to announce the launch of the Resistance Meter RM3542A.

Hioki launched the legacy RM3542, a high-speed resistance meter, in October 2009. The instrument, which brings world-class performance along with automatic, high speed functionality to shipping inspections of electronic components such as resistors when integrated into automated testing equipment, has gained a large base of satisfied customers since its launch. Hioki Launches RM3542A Resistance Meter

Electronic components have continued to shrink since the launch of the RM3542. In developing the RM3542A to accommodate these changes in the market, Hioki gave the new instrument the same features as the RM3542 along with a number of enhancements such as support for measuring the resistance of even more minuscule (0201 size) electronic components. Hioki Launches RM3542A Resistance Meter

RM3542A Applications Hioki Launches RM3542A Resistance Meter
* Use in taping machines
* Use in automated resistance measurement equipment
* Testing and sorting by resistor manufacturers

RM3542A Features
1. Ability to measure the resistance of minuscule (0201 size) electronic components
With the 0201 size specification (0.2 × 0.1 mm), miniaturization of electronic components has proceeded to the point at which they can no longer be distinguished by the naked eye. When measuring such minuscule components, it is necessary to limit applied voltages. Since the RM3542A applies a voltage of 5 V or less, it can measure 0201 size electronic components, which have low voltage ratings, without placing a heavy load on the target component.

2. Limited variability thanks to extensive measurement range
Whereas the legacy RM3542 provided 10 measurement ranges, the RM3542A offers 16. Depending on the selected range, measured values may exhibit variability, leading to unstable measurement. By offering more measurement ranges, the RM3542A makes it more likely users will be able to select a range that suits the characteristics of their measurement target, limiting variability and enabling stable measurement.

Features Inherited from the RM3542
1. Super-high-speed, super-high-precision resistance measurement
DC four-terminal measurement makes it possible to measure electronic components at high speed and with a high degree of precision. Measurement times are as low as 0.9 ms (according to an internal Hioki study), making the instrument the fastest of its kind in the industry.  When configured with standard settings, the instrument delivers guaranteed accuracy of ±0.008% when measuring a 1kOhm resistance in FAST measurement mode (for a measurement time of 0.9 ms).

2. High-resolution, 7-digit display
The Resistance Meter RM3542A offers broad measurement coverage of 0 Ohms (0.0000 mOhms) to 120.0000 MOhms and a high-resolution, 7-digit display.

3. Contact check for highly reliable measurement
Thanks to its continuous contact check function, the RM3542A can continuously monitor whether the resistor or other measurement target is being measured properly. In the event of a measurement failure, the instrument’s voltage monitor function can detect the malfunction, and it can reliably repeat the measurement. Functionality such as this boosts measurement reliability.

4. Low-power resistance measurement 
From the 1000 mOhm range to the 1000 Ohm range, the RM3542A is capable of low-power resistance measurement with a limited measurement current. This capability makes it possible to measure the resistance of components such as chip inductors and anti-EMC components that must be measured at low current levels.

5. Ability to save and output measured values
The RM3542A can store up to 30,000 points of measurement data in its internal memory. Once measurement of one reel of chip resistors is complete, all data can be downloaded to a computer or other device, greatly aiding in quality control.

Learn more about the RM3542A Resistance Meter.

Hioki Launches RM3542A Resistance Meter


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