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New Product Announcement – RFgenius Probing System

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ACA TMetrix is pleased to highlight the newest 150 mm probing system from FormFactor, the MPS150-RFgenius. A turnkey, entry-level probing system for RF testing up to 26.5 GHz, the RFgenius delivers high performance, on-wafer S-parameter measurements, at an affordable price, making it ideal for schools and universities.

RFgenius Probing System

FormFactor’s goal is to enable the next generation of genius researchers to push the boundaries of science and engineering.  FormFactor’s RFgenius educational packages include all the critical components that allow you to obtain the measurements you want. These packages not only include the probe station, probes, positioners, cables, calibration standards and calibration software, but also the Vector Network Analyzer – an industry first. The RFgenius’s ergonomic design minimizes the system’s footprint in the lab and makes the controls easy to access, enhancing measurement accuracy.

Key features of the RFgenius

Turnkey solution

  • Probe station
  • Vector Network Analyzer (option up to 26.5GHz)
  • Choice of probes
  • WinCal XE calibration software
  • Extended two-year warranty on FormFactor products for educational customers
  • Optional laptop

Validated and characterized measurements

  • Known measurement accuracy traced back to independent standards
  • Uses best measurement practices for optimized measurements
  • Supported by measurement experts

Uncompromised performance with an entry-level price

  • Best-in-class RF performance
  • Small benchtop footprint
  • Industry standard calibration techniques

For more information, to request a quote, or to arrange a live demonstration of any EPS system, please don’t hesitate to  contact us.

About FormFactor

FormFactor is a leading provider of essential test and measurement technologies along the full IC life cycle – from characterization, modeling, reliability, and design de-bug, to qualification and production testing. Semiconductor companies rely upon FormFactor products and services to accelerate profitability by optimizing device performance and advancing yield knowledge.

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