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Application: Operational Testing of Multiple-circuit Protective Relays

Protective equipment at power plants and electrical substations detect earth faults and lightning strikes and issue instruction signals to circuit breakers for them to trip when the situation calls for it. For this reason, equipment such as protective relays must be regularly maintained and ready to serve when needed.
Maintenance work includes the verification of correct operation, which can be done using a data acquisition device or waveform recorder that can simultaneously measure control and operating signals for multiple circuits. DAQs also capture operating signal timing while using a command signal as the reference.
As protective equipment become more complex, so do the number of control circuits, and a measuring instrument that can capture data from multiple channels is indispensable.  The Hioki MR8827 Memory HiCorder presents a solution by delivering the following benefits:
  • High-speed, simultaneous sampling across multiple channels
  • Maximum 32 analog + 32 logic channels
  • Capture signals from multiple circuits with voltages ranging from high to low

Read the entire application note here.

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