Importance of Maintaining the Integrity of Protective Equipment at Power Plants

Protective equipment at power plants and electrical substations detect earth faults and lightning strikes and issues instruction signals to circuit breakers for them to trip when the situation calls for it.
That protective equipment must be regularly maintained so that it can do the job that it is designed to do at the right time.  To verify correct operation of the equipment, a data acquisition device that can simultaneously measure control and operating signals for multiple circuits, as well as acquire data about operating signal timing while using the command signal as the reference, is indispensable.

A Solution in the MR8827 Memory HiCorder

As protective equipment become more complex, so do the number of control circuits, and a measuring instrument that can capture data from multiple channels is required.   The Hioki MR8827 Memory HiCorder offers a solution by delivering the following benefits:
・ High-speed, simultaneous sampling of analog and digital signals across multiple channels
・ Capture data from up to 32 analog channels and 32 logic channels at 20 MS/s for all channels
・ When equipped with two logic units, the MR8827 can acquire data from up to 28 analog channels and up to 64 logic channels
・ Sheet-sorting functionality to display a subset of selected channels by sheet
・ Supports an extensive range of options
・ Ability to capture signals from multiple circuits with voltages ranging from high to minuscule in magnitude

Connect Multiple Logic Probes to the Protective Relay at the Same Time

Full Color Display Lets You Identify All Signals at a Glance

Verify that operating signal timing falls within the required times while using the command signal as the reference.

MR8827 Full Color Display of Multiple Waveforms