Aim-TTi LDH400P TGF3000 Canadian distributor

LDH400P & TGF3000 from Aim-TTi

Aim-TTi LDH400P TGF3000 Canadian distributor

LDH400P 500V CAT 11 Electronic Load

  • The LDH400P has a max voltage level of 500V. Making the unit ideal for the test and characterisation of PFC’s and many other high voltage applications. Available only as a P version with USB, LAN/LXi, RS232 and GPIB as standard.


TGF3000 High Frequency Function Arb Gen

  • Frequency capability of up to 160MHz is combined with two identical full performance channels that can operate as independent generators or in coupled or tracking modes. Precise channel to channel phase control with a resolution of 0.001deg is provided.


About TMetrix

ACA TMetrix Inc. is a leading Canadian distributor of test and measurement instruments and design tools. For over 55 years we have provided products manufactured by the world’s leading instrument manufacturers. The company is a subsidiary of Allan Crawford Associates (ACA), one of Canada’s largest distributors of imaging, embedded computing, test equipment, scientific instrumentation and custom-engineered solutions.

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Patrick Leung, P.Eng., MBA
VP & General Manager – TMetrix Inc.
Aim-TTi LDH400P TGF3000 Canadian distributor

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