Tesla T200 200mm

Tesla T200 200mm manual/ semi-automated on-wafer power device characterization system

Tesla T200 200mm manual

Tesla T200 Overview

The Tesla T200 200mm semi-automatic power device characterization system provides a complete on-wafer solution for over-temperature, low-contact resistance measurements of power semiconductors up to 3,000 V (triax)/10,000 V (coax) and 200 A (pulsed)/10 A (DC). It does this while providing a low-noise, fully guarded and shielded test environment, as well as a certified safety interlock system integrated with an ergonomic clear enclosure or infrared laser light curtain.

Tesla T200 Key Features

Tesla T200

Seamless integration

  • Convenient instrument connection kits
  • Seamless integration between Velox and analyzers/measurement software
  • Easy and safe system integration with Keysight and Keithley power device analyzers

MicroVac™ chuck

  • 495 uniformly distributed vacuum micro-holes
  • Gold-plated, high-power chuck surface
  • Thin-wafer handling capability
  • Low electrical and thermal contact resistance across the entire wafer
  • Prevents thin wafers from curling and breaking

MicroVac™ chuck.png




  • Regulatory-certified probing environment
  • Safety interlock system with clear enclosure or light curtain
  • Fully guarded and shielded test environment
  • Operator safety during measurements
  • Protects device and instrumentation from high-voltage discharge

Ease of use

  • Roll-out stage
  • Full wafer access and easy wafter loading/unloading



Ease of use

Velox probe station

Velox probe station control software

  • User-centered design minimizes training costs, enhances efficiency
  • Windows 10 compatibility enables highest performance and safe operation with state-of-the art software
  • Comprehensive alignment functions
  • Simplified operation for inexperienced users
Tesla T200 200mm

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