Product Update Announcement Battery Tester BT3554-52 Pro Kit

Battery Tester BT3554-52 Pro Kit


Maintaining lead acid batteries for UPS stations requires the measurement of dozens to hundreds of cells, introducing potential human recording errors and time-consuming data management. Preventing the need to redo measurements and efficiently manage location data can help save time and increase efficiency. Hioki’s latest portable battery tester, BT3554-52, an update of the BT3554-50, helps streamline UPS and lead acid battery diagnostics with high-precision measurements and voice-guided capability.

BT3554-52 features

The Battery Tester BT3554-52 Pro Kit comes with new features that will help streamline measurements by providing operators the ability to input location information as well as applications-based audio guidance for measurement sequence and results.


About Hioki

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Battery Tester BT3554-52 Pro Kit

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