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QPX Series -Aim-TTi

QPX Series -Aim-TTi

Bench/System DC Power Supplies, PowerFlex or PowerFlex+ regulated Single or Dual Outputs 1200 watts, with/without Digital Remote Interfaces
  • Single or dual outputs, 1200 watts total
  • PowerFlex design gives variable voltage/current combinations within a power envelope
  • Up to 60 volts or 80 volts and up to 50 amps
  • Setting by direct numeric entry or by spin wheel
  • High setting resolution of 1mV in up to 60 volts
  • Low noise of < 3mV rms at full power
  • Bench or rack mounting, front and rear terminals
  • Quasi analogue remote control
  • RS232, USB GPIB & LAN interfaces (P models)





The QPX1200S is a different type of laboratory power supply designed to meet the need for flexibility in the choice of voltage and current. A conventional PSU has a fixed current limit giving a power capability that reduces directly with the output voltage. The TTi PowerFlex design of the QPX1200S enables higher currents to be generated at lower voltages within an overall power limit envelope. Each output can provide three times the current of a conventional PSU of the same maximum voltage and power (see power curve). Example voltage/current combinations include 60V/20A, 48V/25A, 37.5V/30A, 26V/40A, and 20V/50A. The PowerFlex regulator includes a linear output stage giving the QPX1200S exceptionally low output noise for a unit of this power, and ensuring good transient response. QPX Series




QPX1200S Bench/System DC Power Supplies, PowerFlex or PowerFlex+ regulated Single Output, 60V/50A1200W Powerflex, No Bus Interfaces request-quote-button
QPX1200SP Bench/System DC Power Supplies, PowerFlex or PowerFlex+ regulated Single Output, 60V/50A 1200W PowerFlex, USB/RS232/LAN/GPIB Interfaces request-quote-button
QPX600D Bench/System DC Power Supplies, PowerFlex or PowerFlex+ regulated Dual Outputs, 2 x 80V/50A 600W PowerFlex+, No Bus Interfaces request-quote-button
QPX600DP Bench/System DC Power Supplies, PowerFlex or PowerFlex+ regulated Dual Outputs, 2 x 80V/50A 600W, USB/RS232/LAN/GPIB Interfaces request-quote-button

 Bench or rack mounting QPX Series

The QPX1200S is housed in a 350mm (13¾”) wide case suitable for use on the bench-top. Output and remote sense terminals are mounted both on the front and on the rear panel along with the analog and logic interface connectors and, on the QPX1200SP, the bus interface connectors. The power supply is 3U high and a rack mounting kit (RM310 or RM310A) is available as an option.

QPX Series


QPX Series

MX Series – Aim-TTi

Bench/System DC Power Supply, Multi-Range, Digital Control Triple Outputs, 315 or 378W with/without Remote Interfaces
  • Three high performance outputs each with full functionality
  • Range switching gives variable voltage/current combinations
  • Shared power mode provides double power from a single output
  • Low output noise and ripple via linear final regulation
  • High setting resolution of up to 1mV and 0.1mA
  • Variable OVP and OCP trips on all outputs
  • 50 setting memories per output plus 50 linked memories
  • Selectable voltage tracking (isolated tracking)
  • Selectable current meter averaging
  • Switchable remote sense capability
  • Graphic LCD provides simultaneous output metering
  • Numeric or spin-wheel control of all parameters
  • Individual or combined output on/off control with
  • programmable delay sequencing.
  • 3U half-rack case for bench or rack mounting
  • GPIB, RS-232, USB and LAN (LXI) interfaces (-P models)
  • Duplicate power & sense terminals at rear (-P models)

MX100T and MX100TP:

  • 315 watts total power
  • Three outputs of equal power, each capable of 35V at 3A
  • Range switching provides up to 70 volts and up to 6 amps

MX180T and MX180TP:

  • 375 watts plus of total power
  • Two high power outputs plus one low power output
  • High power outputs each capable of 30 volts at 6 amps
  • Range switching provides up to 120 volts or up to 20 amps
  • Low power output provides up to 12 volts or up to 3 amps
QPX Series
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