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Tabor Model 9100A – 400Vp-p Single-Channel Signal Amplifier

Tabor Model 9100A – 400Vp-p Single-Channel Signal Amplifier

  • Single channel
  • High voltage output to 400Vp-p (±200V)
  • Output current to 125 mA
  • Full power bandwidth from DC to >500kHz
  • Slew rate to 400V/µs
  • Monitor Output
  • Precise signal amplification for multiple applications
  • Compatible with any of the Tabor waveform generators


SKU: Model 9100A

Introducing the Tabor Model 9100A – 400Vp-p Single-Channel Signal Amplifier

Model 9100 is a Single/Dual Channel, 2U, half-rack size, bench-top power amplifier designed for signal amplification. With unprecedented signal purity, Model 9100 amplifies signals from DC to over 500kHz. The unit has a fixed gain of x15 however the same amplifier is available with custom gain and no signal purity or performance degradation whatsoever.


Tabor Model 9100A – 400Vp-p Single-Channel Signal Amplifier

Tabor Model 9100A – 400Vp-p Single-Channel Signal Amplifier

Key Features

Solve Common Problems

Model 9100A can output signals from -200V to +200V with continuous currents up to 125mA. The output is driven from a 0.1? source and, with some degradation of its bandwidth, can drive capacitive loads up to 1nF, while maintaining its full amplitude range. Model 9100A has a rear-panel monitor output that divides the main output signal by 100 for applications that require monitoring of the output signal with low voltage sensors.


Safety played a major role during the design of the Model 9100A. The high voltage path to the amplifier circuit is blocked by a front panel mechanical switch and accidental application of high power to the UUT is prevented by a safety latch. The 9100A will output high voltage signals only after the safety latch has been lifted and the high voltage switch flipped to ON position. In emergency situations, one can hit the protective latch to immediately remove the high voltage power from the output terminals. As an additional visual safety feature, a red light glows on the front panel whenever the high voltage is turned on.


Key Benefits

Target Applications

The amplifier case was designed to stack on top or below other Tabor products. It can also be mounted alongside a Tabor generator in a standard 19″ rack. The waveform-amplifier combo is an ideal solution for virtually any high-voltage, wide bandwidth application.

Tabor Model 9100A – 400Vp-p Single-Channel Signal Amplifier

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