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500 A AC/DC 100kHz Wideband and High-Precision Current Probe for Power Efficiency Testing

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Hioki AC/DC clamp sensors are best-in-class current sensors for use with power meters, Memory HiCorders and high performance oscilloscopes. The CT6845 is a high-precision 500 A AC/DC current probe that features a wide operating temperature range and large jaw diameter, making them ideal for evaluating the operational integrity of devices that are subject to extreme temperature ranges.

Order Code

CT6845 500 A AC/DC
CT6845-05 500 A AC/DC, 12 pin terminal, for the PW6001 only

Note: These products cannot be used alone. The optional 9555-10 is required in order to supply power and connect the clamp to a Memory HiCorder or other instrument. Products can be directly connected to the Power Meter 3193-10 and Power Analyzer 3390 (Does not support Model 3390-10).

CEInsulated wire

Key Features

• Ideal for in environmental testing with broad -40˚C to 85˚C temperature range

• High precision with a clamp-type design, ±0.3% amplitude accuracy, ±0.1° phase accuracy

• Wide-bandwidth DC to 100 kHz • Large diameter for clamping even thick cables and double wiring

• Reduced effects from magnetic fields, conductor position, and noise from nearby wires

• For EV/HEV battery charge and discharge efficiency testing and inverter and power conditioner conversion efficiency evaluations

■ Basic specifications (Accuracy guaranteed for 1 year, Post-adjustment accuracy guaranteed for 1 year)

Rated current 500 A AC/DC
Max. allowable input 1000A continuous (requires derating at frequency or temperature)
Frequency characteristics DC to 100 kHz
Phase: DC to 100 kHz
Amplitude and phase accuracy DC ±0.3 % rdg. ±0.02 % f.s. (Phase: Not defined)
DC < f ≤ 100 Hz ±0.3 % rdg. ±0.01 % f.s. (Phase: ±0.1 deg)
Defined to 100 kHz
Power consumption 7 VA max. (at 500 A/55 Hz, ±12 V power requirement)
Output voltage 4 mV/A (voltage output with the Sensor Unit 9555-10, use with a device having a 1 MΩ input resistance or higher)
Core diameter φ 50 mm (1.79 in)
Operating temperature, humidity -40 °C to +85 °C (-40 °F to 185 °F), 80% rh or less (with no condensation)
Power supply DC ±11 V to ±15 V (Power suppled via the 9555-10, which supports 100 to 240 V AC)
Dimensions and mass 238 mm (9.37 in)W × 116 mm (4.57 in)H × 35 mm (1.38 in)D, cord length: 3 m (9.84 ft), 870 g (30.7 oz)
Accessories Instruction manual ×1, Mark bands ×6, Carrying Case

■Model CT6845 (-05) Compability

Compatible models CT6845 Combination status CT6845-05 Combination status
Model 3390 OK △ (Requires Conversion Cable CT9901)
Model PW6001 △ (Requires Conversion Cable CT9900) OK
Input unit 9602 for 3193-10/ 3193/ 3194 OK (In combination, recognized as 500A AC/DC) △ (In combination, recognized as 500A AC/DC, Requires Conversion Cable CT9901)
Model 8971 for the MR8847-01s △ (In combination, recognized as 9279 [500 A rated], requires Conversion Cable 9318)
Maximum number of connectable sensors when using the MR8847 seroes or Model 8847: 7
△ (In combination, recognized as 9279 [500 A rated], requires Conversion Cable 9318 and CT9901)
Maximum number of connectable sensors when using the MR8847 seroes or Model 8847: 7
Model 8940 for the Memory Hicorders △ (In combination, recognized as 500A AC/DC, requires Conversion Cable 9705 and 9318) △ (Requires Conversion Cable 9705, 9318 and CT9901)

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