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FormFactor Cascade ACP-Q Probe

FormFactor Cascade ACP-Q Probe

A configurable fine-pitch multi-contact RF/mmW probe for mixed-signal probing up to 110 GHz

  • Customizable configuration up to 25 contacts: RF, Eye-Pass power, ground, logic
  • Lithographically-defined tips allow automated over temperature measurement on pads as small as 30 µm x 50 µm
  • Low and repeatable contact resistance on aluminum pads (< 0.05 Ω) ensures accurate results
  • Durable probe structure ensures more than 250,000 contacts
  • Able to measure from -40°C to +125°C without compromising performance or accuracy of specifications


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ACP-Q Probe Overview

Quadrant Probes were developed in response to the need for multiple probe tips in a single module. Configurations consist of all RF or a combination of RF and DC. The RF probes use Air Coplanar technology to produce a rugged microwave probe with a compliant tip for accurate, repeatable measurements on-wafer. The DC probes use ceramic blade needles for low noise and high performance. The ACP Quadrant Probes are customizable to fit your specific needs.

40/80 Gb/s High Performance RF Quadrant

Designed to provide wide bandwidth RF connections and simultaneous resonant free power bypass connections for the special needs of high-speed mixed mode IC s for optical networks.

  • Low RF loss and excellent impedance control over very wide bandwidth
  • High performance resonance free bypass for low impedance power supplies
  • Allows on-wafer evaluation of high performance digital circuits
  • Minimal distortion of high-speed digital signals
  • Maximized eye diagram test performance at wafer test
  • Durable Air Coplanar tip technology for long contact life

ACP-Q Probe Key Features

  • Combination of DC and RF in a single probe module: One dual probe or a maximum of three RF; a maximum of 9 DC standard (other quantities upon request).
  • Utilizes ACP tip design, GSG, GS or SG
  • RF tips available from DC to 110 GHz
  • Choice of BeCu or tungsten tips
  • DC power needles come standard with 100 pF microwave capacitor
  • Power bypass inductance: 8 nH
  • Maximum DC voltage: 50 V without power bypassing (25 V with standard power bypassing, and component dependent with custom power bypassing)
  • Ideal for probing the entire circuit for functional test
  • Dual ACP configuration supports differential signaling applications
  • DC probes can provide power or slow logic to circuit under test



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